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honest review about any good mains test series.

Need to practice answer writing before prelims. I am planning to join test series. Anyone with a honest review of the big names or even the small ones. Someone mentioned Chrome IAS is good or instead of that Secure and TLP are good to rely on.
Veterans please help.
Quick reply would be appreciated.


  • Make questions by urself from the newspaper daily...that's the best way I feel...and do one or two static questions also daily...
  • Take any test paper from the market, write it and get it peer reviewed.. or get it checked from a sr...that is the best way imo....

  • Mgp forumias vision
  • andhon me kana raja = forum's mgp
  • Vision or forum main se koi ek karlo..
  • Chromeias did benefit me lot.
    Mrudul air gave some good tips which helped me to clear mains.
    Personal feedback is quite good one..
  • Could you provide some examples how Mridul sir help you
  • Ppl please give an honest feedback for Online test series too. Not all of us stay in Delhi! Do mention about detailed feedback, time taken to correct, n mentor's help etc.
  • cskn said:

    Could you provide some examples how Mridul sir help you

    Like how to map of india, reports, how to start intro in catchy way,case studies kaise likhna..means use of quotes and all..
    Rest u guys was honest feedback
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