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Performance of PHILOSOPHY optional in mains 2018..

Hello Guys,Mains 2018 result is out..This is the right time for the aspirants particularly those who did not make it to the list for a look towards their optional subjects and if possible for changing the subject before its too late..This thread is for assessing the performance of Philosophy optional in mains 2018.So that we can change our next course of early if needed.Success or failure in mains depends on all the papers not only on chosen optional. Nevertheless optional papers do matter disproportionately to make or mar our mains results.Thus,it will be enlightening to know how many have cleared mains with this optional and how many could not.Those who cleared please share your strategy,material/note making,sources,answer writing etc.Those who could not please also mention their number of attempts and possible way forward from here..All philo forumaites please contribute.....


  • This was my 4th attempt and 3rd mains with Philosophy..Last year got 260..Personally I am clueless about what went wrong..Paper1 was gud..Paper 2 was generic as usual..
    My apprehension is my approach in Socio-Political philosophy in paper2 is not appreciated.It has been to answer spontaneously in present context without much quoting the names of the thinkers..Also I did not use any diagram.Me personally believe i cant improve that much in paper 1.please others share ur thoughts and way forward..
  • Bro i have also failed with 3rd mains in Philosophy.. I am not sure if optional is the culprit. But seeing how the optional has performed in the recent past I am thinking to switch the optional.
  • i also flunked this time :cry:
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