If anyone knows a good anxiety counsellor or similar, please let me connect to them.This is not at all related to UPSC. My every second is resulting in a sudden wave of tears.I cannot control it any longer. Please help.


  • Check pm
    "मां कर्मफलहेतुर्भू: मांते संङगोस्त्वकर्मणि"
    2019- 1st Attempt
  • @GoingLegal if it means Old Rajinder Nagar , I am not from there. Thank you for asking.
  • abcdMJ said:

    If anyone knows a good anxiety counsellor or similar, please let me connect to them.This is not at all related to UPSC. My every second is resulting in a sudden wave of tears.I cannot control it any longer. Please help.

    Kindly check the first page of the following thread
    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
  • Unfortunately I do not know any anxiety counsellor.. but till the time you find one you may try the free meditation app called Insight Timer .. It has many free of cost guided meditations for releasing anxiety..
    Best Wishes..
  • If near Janakpuri, reach out to Dr.Prashant Goyal(Psychiatrist).
    Miles to go before I sleep..
  • SSRI with doctor prescription
  • (5 p.m.) It is relatively better now. I am not mentally challenged if I gave that impression, nor will I consider a wrong path. Thank you for just being here.

    Please don't read ahead. This is to deceive my mind so I think that people are here with me, and your time is precious. You need not understand it anyways.

    Today my thoughts became a continuous, never-stopping loop. I am stuck in my mind. While talking I would take my eyes some other way so I could feel and ask forever what my mind wanted me to. Tried to give answers to self. The unexpected part was the welling up of tears. It felt as if I was supposed to cry. Previous evening I slept because I got tired of crying. Woke up in the morning and cried. Brain told me to be positive. I don't know where to get that from. Everything happening before me is connected to this trouble which does not stop growing. Someone talking to me and I think, "I will miss it". See other people and I think, "What if...?". I feel I will never be able to see things in a bright or neutral way, like I used to. This world looks like an inescapable trap.
    Something else caught my attention here a few hours ago, along with seeing the mains result discussion. It worked. The crying has stopped. I am a bit relieved. It is like I am out of my brain. I can see in all directions but without the images coming.
    I needed to complete that question which my mind was wandering with, so I am still a little worried, that I must not let it go unanswered. Give my mind an answer before which it surrenders. I feel that the loop is not active, but it is somewhere near. I wish it doesn't come soon.
    This past week. Each day some new worry to think on and find out for its reasons on the internet. Little did I know I am making a mistake by being too inquisitive, introspective.
    The root of all this is a fear I have since childhood. I spent some nights crying then, later some nights during teenage, a bad one last year and here it is again.
    I could not afford to be in this state at this stage, but it was not willing to go. Can not risk talking about it, lest all of it begins again. A question, finding its answer, which itself became a question,more searches, more ideas in mind. It used to be big already, this time it added everything I could think of, my past , my future, someone else's future,children and adult, rich and poor. I took all people's lives within/into me, creating possible negative experiences with them that was me, and feel more bad. It has involved my self-worth in its trail.

    (2 a.m.) I don't see what is the point of all of this, my being ,everybody's being, what does anyone making all of this happen want to prove. I am moving, doing something only because it is the nature of the thing I am born into.
    This time, I cannot see beyond me. My worries, in my mind, are more important than the person sleeping without a blanket on the streets in the cold night. I cannot stop thinking about this fear which was so far quietly hidden elsewhere within me. I think I will be afraid to go to sleep, but I have found that sleep is the only place where I am not followed. Everything is ok there.
    It seems my brain has found a new pastime, to avoid making me do the hard work of studying, and it does not want to leave that.
    I want to believe someone,or many , is watching and will take it away, will tell me that he knows what he is doing,that there is a good reason for me being here.

    The tears are there again, but not uncontrollable,coming in minutes.

    I wish for peace, happiness, positivity and no pain for everything I can think of.
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    Dr Prerna Kohli. Gurgaon.
    Expensive but effective. Helped a close friend immensely when she faced a crisis. Personally cannot comment or guarantee, as never visited.
    you can find her number on google and contact.
  • Thanks to all of you. Parents saved me. Much of it has gone, and they have given me a way to defeat the rest of it. I am afraid of having to walk alone,and leave, and do it all again. I wish it goes away, never happen to anyone.
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    sometimes a prolong stress gets pile up in us then one day it explodes . there are only questions and no answer at all.

    Anxiety and OCD is more torturous then depression.

    My dear friend just 3 things

    1. Stop looking for solutions on the internet you will not find any. It will become a frustrating exercise in itself.
    2. stop fighting with it. The more you fight the more it will hit you back. If you can learn not to fight with wrong enemy your 80% problem will be solved in just 1 day trust me on this.(Personal experience )
    3. If you want to then take the professional help. There is no shame in it. But try not to take medicines for long time.
  • Hope you get well soon :) .. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery..
  • write on, its free online free consultation. Dr. prerna kohli is good but her fee is very costly. i have worked with her last year.
  • Hai can anyone suggest me good psychiatrist around ORN? Little urgent . Which is better anandam clinic or Delhi mind clinic ?
    2018- cse mains , Ifos mains
    2017,2016,2015 - failed prelims
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