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Interview Preparation Insights [2018-19]

Please provide insights into how and where to begin and what to focus on. From my own analysis, I feel the following areas must be covered.

1) Each word of DAF (Includes name, address, work experience, cadre preference, hobbies.....)
2) Optional Subject
3) Graduation Subject
4) Current Affairs and Contemporary Issues
5) Knowledge about State
6) Why IAS/IPS/IRS/IFS as career choice?
7) Others (Please add)
P - 1 | M - 1 | I - 1* | First Attempt | Hoping for the best in 2018


  • @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh Please pin the thread
    P - 1 | M - 1 | I - 1* | First Attempt | Hoping for the best in 2018
  • Pura samandar hai.. bas har beach par utar Kar dubki lagate jao aur kashti aage badhate jao
    तू नज़्म नज़्म सा मेरे होंठो पे ठहर जा...
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