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UPSC 2019 ( Facts, data or anything else which is important for exam)

UPSC prelims 2019 ( Facts, datas, anything which is important for exam)

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Both prelims and Mains


  • Chang’e-4 is a Chinese lunar exploration mission that aims to achieve soft-landing on the far side of the Moon. The mission aims to deliver samples of Moon rock and soil to Earth.

    About the Mission:

    For the first time there would be soft-landing on the far side of the Moon.
    China’s mission consists of a static lander and rover .
    The rover will touch down on the Von Kármán crater, located on the side of the Moon which never faces Earth.
    The payloads were launched through the Long March 3B rocket from Xichang Satellite Launch Center.
    The landing would happen in early January. During the landing the probe will descend on thrusters and touch down on the rugged terrain of the lunar far side.
    The landers will aid in characterising the region’s geology and the composition of rock and soil.
    Chang’e-4’s instruments would examine whether the impact which created the South Pole Aitken Basin has punched through the crust down to the Moon’s mantle layer. This will shed light on the early history of our only natural satellite.
    The Chang’e-4 mission will also characterise the “radio environment” on the far side to lay the groundwork for the creation of future radio astronomy telescopes on the far side, which is shielded from the radio noise of Earth.
    To study the respiration of the seeds and the photosynthesis on the Moon the static lander is carrying container with potato and Arabidopsis plant seeds to perform a biological experiment.
    The lander will send the data through the satellite Queqiao of China.

    About Von Kármán crater and far side of Moon:

    Von Kármán crater is located within the oldest and largest impact feature on the Moon – the South Pole-Aitken Basin, which was formed by a giant asteroid impact billions of years ago.
    The far side of the moon is never visible from earth because of the phenomenon of tidal locking. As the Moon takes just as long to rotate on its own axis as it takes to complete one orbit of Earth, we are able to see only one face of the moon from the earth.
    Even though it is said as dark side, it is also illuminated by the Sun and has the same phases as the near side. Dark in the context simply means unseen.
    The far side is rather different than the near side. The far side has a thicker, older crust that is pocked with more craters.

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  • Key Outcomes of 13th G-20 Summit

    The thirteenth G20 summit was held in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina between 30 November and 1 December 2018. The leaders of the world’s largest economic powers had gathered at the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina has agreed on host of issues. Major developments at the Buenos Aires include:

    Reforming WTO
    All the leaders agreed on the need to reform the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The issue of reforming WTO would be discussed during the next summit to be held at Osaka, Japan.

    Truce to the trade battle
    In the meeting held between the US President and Chinese Premier on the sidelines of the summit, there was an agreement to have a 90-day truce in their trade battle. The ceasefire declared will provide for time to undertake negotiations to sort their differences in a dispute over Beijing’s aggressive drive to supplant US technological dominance.

    Pressurising Saudi
    The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was under pressure from leaders of France and Britain over the issue of killing of dissident Saudi newspaper columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the country’s consulate in Istanbul. Canada even raised the issue during the official session. But Saudi continued to deny its role.

    Ukraine Conflict
    The Russian seizure of Ukrainian naval vessels and crews was raised by the western leaders. The diplomatic pressure did not seem to bring either side closer to solving the conflict as both sides sticked to their line refusing to budge.

    Climate Change and Paris Deal
    Except for US which has withdrawn from the Paris climate deal, all the nations reaffirmed their commitment towards the deal. The host Argentina had put the issue of climate change high on the agenda.

    On the sidelines of the summit, US, Canada and Mexico signed the revised North American trade pact.

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