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Anybody here have bought Byju's UPSC tablet for 201 ? Let me know your reviews regarding it .

It would be a great help if u let me know about your experience and reviews.


  • junk ... do not go for it
  • very bad
    1.bundle of short video,so going to the particular section is time consuming.
    2.No reponse to any doubt even after multiple mail
    3.No paper checking-as claimed during advertisement
    4.No refund of tablet amount.I fed up after trying to call their customer care
    5 All old content
    6Hardly online classes for the current affair
    7 high rate of change in mentor.within 3 month 5 change in mentors and they also donot respond quickly
    ..............a lots of other problems as well

    donot want to elaborate much , be aware of advertisement and claims
  • okay

    Much appreciate this , thanks @worktillinfinity @maximus123
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