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Geography related questions in interview

Hello everyone, as we are slowly moving closer towards interview. I would like all aspirants with geography optionals to share probable questions asked on geography in interview.

Such as :
1. Significance of Geography for Bureaucrat?
2. What is Regional Planning?
3.. Difference in Urban Planning and Rural Planning?

Please share your own questions and discuss the answers related to it.


  • good effort!!! =D>
    pre-5.....mains-2 (wit geo...dis time crossed)...interview-1.
    "success is never final and failure is never fatal"
  • geography of places mentioned in your daf like place of your schooling,graduation,pg,job etc... the significance of these places and problems if any. not only the above mentioned places but also the seat of universities... @-)
    pre-5.....mains-2 (wit geo...dis time crossed)...interview-1.
    "success is never final and failure is never fatal"
  • I read one interview in which they gave map to the candidates and divided India into two parts from kashmir to kanyakumari. They asked 8-10 entries on whether they lie right or left to the line. I think before going to the interview one must be ready with the map work!
  • IMO If you have geography as a optional then you can expect some deep questions otherwise they will general questions related to your birthplace,state or job location
  • Yes, my optional is geography and even in my interests i have mentioned meterology because of my background. So, expecting a real hardcore geography questions.
    In one of the interview, i had noticed :
    1. how can we stop river water to drain into sea?
    2. Its ecological impact and inter-state disputes arising from it?
  • Can someone please post probable questions which can be asked in Interview related to Geography?
    It would be a great help :)
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  • Lets revive this thread again

    I am posting some geography questions that were asked in last year interview (2016) related to geography optional.

    1. Benefits of volcanoes and volcanic eruption
    2. Divide Asia into different parts , countries in it and their political/economic groupings
    3. Questions related to plate tectonics
    4. Aurora borealis and aurora australis - reason for its formations and its impact on earth

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