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SSC CGL 2014 | Notification released |

edited January 2014 in SSC
well wishing a great year ahead of u.. since i hadn't been active in the forum so thought to give a head way in this regard.
foremost.. ssc cgl 2013 results are yet to be declared in view of the recent developments.. of which am anxiously waiting as well..

the purpose of creating the thread?
1. a clear back up plan for upsc aspirants
2. lack of knowledge regarding ssc, form filling, cadre selection, state selection. Unlike the upsc "DAF" form cadre selection indicating the posts have to filled during the 1st round of form filling process..
3. will help in csat paper 2..
so thought to start the discussion in this regard giving a head start.. btw ssc form filling starts from 18th jan 2014.. so probably we can have a hell lot of discussion which will make us select the right kind of posts+ other nuances regarding it ( cut offs), where to prepare etc ..

well am attaching the relevant info that i have collected over time and hopefully it will steer the discussion to the right direction

the info attached are :

1.ssc cgl 2012 cut off for various posts

2. posts to be selected - uplifted from mrunal.org

3. tentative list of exams to be held by ssc

4. ssc cgl 2013 notification.. hopefully, ssc cgl 2014 notification will be identical.

@root please make this an announcement thread.

Moderator Note - Announcement Done. Also, please avoid caps in titles.
Cut off for cgl.doc
Tentative_schedule 2014.pdf
CGLE-2013 Notice .pdf



  • @moderator sure! next tym it will be done. thnx for highlighting

  • @nishant12 , thanks for the info man . I was eagerly waiting for it .. For the first and last time I'm going to apply this years .. Hope everybody join the wagon ..
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  • For posts of Assistants(CSS), Computer Proficiency has also been prescribed as an essential Qualification.
    Does it requires a degree, diploma or certificate in computer ?
  • One more thing . . . .I have done my bachelor's from School of open learning, Delhi University . . .
    am i eligible for SSC CGL . . .
  • here is what i came to know about excise inspector post from a trainee officer
    the work is clerical type
    office enviroment is such that it leads to mental degradation(as per him)
    he was a ex sbi officer and he didnt get officer type feel in his current job

    but the most important thing he said albeit in diffused tone was that along with officer tag/pay one can simultaneously prepare for upsc/state civils
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  • One more thing . . . .I have done my bachelor's from School of open learning, Delhi University . . .
    am i eligible for SSC CGL . . .
    as far as i know yes you are...

    You may be a king or a little street sweeper,but sooner or later you dance with the reaper!
  • @Ratz this is wat ssc cgl 2013 notification says
    As per Ministry of Human Resource Development Notification No. 44 dated
    01.03.1995 published in Gazette of India edition dated 08.04.1995, the Degree obtained
    through open Universities/Distance Education Mode needs to be recognized by Distance
    Education Council, IGNOU. Accordingly, unless such Degrees had been recognized for
    the period when the candidates acquired the relevant qualification, they will not be
    accepted for the purpose of Educational Qualification.

  • edited January 2014
    Currently UGC had asserted that all degrees irrespective of Distance/Correspondence should be treated as normal ones .. Read it in newspaper , couple of months back . Havent heard much details after that ..

    NB :
    Have searched in net , not much info too .. :(( When did I read , whether its a dream I-)
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  • @Vibin i guess if u can find the article .. i guess people will appreciate .. can u ?maybe will solve doubts of lot many people

  • SSC CGLE 2014 notification attached -

    Date of Tier 1 exam - 27/04/2014 and 04/05/2014.
    ssc cgle 2014 notification.pdf
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  • edited January 2014
    Jus saw the notification :)
  • @prateeknsit lets c, not much people interested this year to fill the form, when i started the thread, it gt pretty lethargic response :P hope this tym its better

  • Many people lost faith due to long legal battle of SSC CGL 2013(Tarikh Pe Tarikh :) ) but I still think it wont affect much on number of people applying for SSC CGL 2014.
  • @Anic21 hmm i guess so it wnt i mean around 20-25 k people will get into service so probably dat would lessen the number before the exams

  • What is the job profile of Assistant CVC ? Its nt available at Mrunal.
  • @prateeknsit ssc 2014 noti says
    For posts of Assistants (CSS), Computer Proficiency has also been prescribed as an
    Essential Qualification, does that mean some sort of certificate ?

  • edited January 2014
    I'm just new to this SSC .. So guys anyone know which link in ssc.nic.in will help to apply for the exam .. :-/

    One more thing , I prefer to go for off-line mode . Hope we could form from post office , or do we need to generate computer oriented application form .. ?
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • edited January 2014
    @Vibin u have an option of filling the application form offline as well
    for online dey have given two links ssconline.gov.in and ssconline2.gov.in - saw both of them i guess dey havent started accepting forms yet

    well i currently dont have much idea about the offline mode, havent filled anytime

  • I just even called my friend IT Inspector , he too not aware of off0line :P .. I was checking via ssc,nic.in never thought of ssconline.nic.in
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • @Vibin better fill up the online mode, pretty safe , wat if post man runs away with ur application :P

  • Yup saw the online mode , do you guys faced this error No exam notice issued while accessing registration 1 process from ssconline.nic.in
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • edited January 2014
    @Vibin yep facing the same issue.. maybe they hvnt gone online yet, maybe by tonight dey would hopefully

  • Yes , may be try tomorrow .. My monitor will take time to get on " Weak Capacitor " issue .. :(( Dont knw whether it could be solve within days .. Any way I'm going to do it before coming tuesday ..
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • @Vibin @nishant12

    see this..

    Procedure for Online Submission of Application

    1. On-line application facility will be available from 19.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 (5:00PM) for Part
    –I Registration and up to 14.02.2014 (5:00 PM) for Part - II Registration.

    Source:- Annexure-II B of Notification
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  • @ALL I will complete my Engg in May 2014, Am I eligible to write SSC CGLE 2014?
  • @shivam007 ssc noti says:
    ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS as on 1st January,2014.

    Bachelor‟s Degree from a recognized University or
    equivalent. .

  • @prateeknsit ssc 2014 noti says
    For posts of Assistants (CSS), Computer Proficiency has also been prescribed as an
    Essential Qualification, does that mean some sort of certificate ?
    No certificate is required. They wd conduct a computer test at interview stage in case u hv filled assistant css.
  • i have done graduation in private mode from a state +ugc recognised university, it provides degree in regular and private mode so am i elligible for ssc,ibps, sbi exams?someone with prior exp please clear my doubt.as per my knowledge upsc accepts it but dnt know about others.
  • First part completed .. Wish to complete soon .. [need to head towards SBI] :D
    2017--> 8th attempt
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