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Assam APSC 2016 Mains result

Friends....APSC 2016 Combined Competitive Exam Mains results,declared on 28 Sept,2018, are yet to sink in.Especially the 'shaddy' level of answer scripts checking at the last moment,despite claims by APSC a few months ago on the paucity of 'good examiners.'

Also any thoughts on :
1. The widespread media coverage and the Memorandum submitted to CM of Assam and Chairman,APSC on the dubious checking methods employed by APSC and violation of APSC rules by the Commission itself.
2. The alleged surge in successful candidates of Mains this time of a particular coaching institute of Guwahati whose teaching methods leave a lot to be desired.

Shall the aspirant community of Assam ever get a 100% merit based exam checking and result in APSC Combined Competitive Exam? .... especially after the cash-for-job scam of APSC in batches 2013 and 2014?
Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati


  • edited October 2018
    Totally lost hope on APSC and devastated, the results came in midst of mains papers took the wind out of me for few hours. But had to crawl back into gs1,2.. if this year also there is an ounce of favouring ( few friends are calling it so) , maa Kosom nerim kela ho'tok.
    Don't want to again go through the viscous process of pre mains to end up high and dry, would try other jobs as back up.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • Hi...hope ur UPSC Mains went well..the only untainted exam in India now!

    Yes,eibar favouring..maane... undetectable corruption has taken place... otherwise how do you explain :
    1. a Guwahati based coaching insti's director,his gf and faculty colleague clearing Mains.
    2. Also 22 serial roll number Guwahati centre candidates cleared and
    3. Despite APSC stating lack of adequate examiners to check answer scripts in media some days before Mains result,how come they got the answer scripts checked in 28 days by dubious examiners and declared the result?
    4. Memorandum have been filed by aggrieved students to both hon'ble CM of Assam and hon'ble Chairman,APSC on anomaly in checking of Main 2016 as well violation of APSC rules. Still no reply yet.

    Ami kiba koribo lagiboi!! Nohole....future of exams in Assam shall be ruined by these scamsters!

    Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati
  • I can also quote an personal example, the guy sitting behind me was a dumb ass whom I help clear pre last year . Since our name are same we end up together this year also and gave papers together. I knew his level of preparation as we both discussed every paper before entering exam hall.

    Now I see his roll number on the list and guess which coaching he is going to.

    Saala they are the rich lot of the city who drinks on the "infamous coaching" in nights as he told and parties in the clubs and UPSC has never been in their radar as it's out of reach for them.

    Axom'ok development Lage , everyone supports that kintu link pal'e everyone start falling into line to pay that aka capitation fee.

    Bondhu, I appreciate your zeal. But I have lost hope in the systemic corruption. Only the knowns seems to have their wards name on the list.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • If you have anything specific do tell. I will definitely support, but newspaper seems to be the way to build consensus. People succumb to their fate thinking it's not their cup of tea and do not pursue the case further.

    The evidence you have put forward can they be verified?

    Also I guess there are people in this group also, who falls in the latter category ( with respect to profile generally prepare for UPSC from Assam and specially come in Delhi) so not expecting much support here. They rather stay silent and watch the show .

    Sorry for the rant, but it's a story of most frustrated aspirants.
    *Your* tears! *Your* blood! Your *pathetic* lives forged into something of worth
  • You are very much right bondhu.This time, maybe only 30% passed APSC Mains on merit.Rest on 'merry'.

    All I have is newspaper reports -which shows that the general public n media now smells a rat in APSC 2016 Mains also.

    It is only some bold leaders of Assam who can restore our trust in the exam system of Assam.....'s all about destiny!

    It's gud that bro you have reached UPSC Mains level.Try Ur best! It's a gud world out there!
    1080 x 1920 - 1M
    1080 x 1920 - 783K
    Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati
  • hello all
    Did you all appeared for APSC Pre 2018?
  • hello all
    Did you all appeared for APSC Pre 2018?

  • I too appeared.. will sail through easily..330 marks...will apsc conduct mains in July as mentioned in their calender.
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