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What Should I Do? Should I go for Post Graduation or Continue CSE preparation?

Hello friends, indeed it is very personal choice- whether to opt for Post Graduation or continue with UPSC preparation,but some or ur insights may help me reach the decision.
-I am MBBS Graduate.Had opted for MBBS as a back-up plan for CSE.
-Appeared for CSE 4 times.But,didn't clear prelims in any of these attempts.
-Suffering from Depression due to some personal reasons since 3rd year of MBBS. I am getting treatment for this, but didn't get better.So, lack of concentration,anxiety,instability etc followed.I couldn't ever give my 100% in any of my attempts, and doubt, if I can do that in future too. (Meditation/Vipassana/self-help books have been tried.)
-In 2018 I prepared well despite mental struggle and was getting around 105+/-3 in GS in 2018 Prelims. But, difficult GS paper had already played it's part: I couldn't clear CSAT, as my mind hovered over tough GS paper during CSAT paper.I almost gave up CSAT.
-I'm married but not working.I feel I hv lot of responsibilities now and should look for other options.
-I'm getting PG diploma seat in Orthopedics.As, it is clinical branch and hectic one,there is hardly any possibility to manage both CSE & PG. I don't know if this (PG seat) is "an Opportunity" to move on or "a Carrot" to deflect me.
-Realities like;Marital status,age,Mental illness,necessity of PG in medical field etc are prompting me to go for PG.While,inner me is still (hesitatingly though) saying keep trying.
-Preparation level;
1.Started with lot of sources n haphazard preparation (in first 3 attempts)> optimized resources during 4th resources and revised well. As said earlier, GS is prepared n consolidated better during 4th attempt.
2.Wrote vision mains test series 2018. Averaged around 70-100 marks in 8 tests appeared.
3.Optional;average preparation.

I have thought over pros and cons of these options.But,couldn't finalize one.So,I would like to get some insights from you people. Those who have faced such (or different) situations, who were able to decide in such scenarios,other experienced ones and Medicos,your advise will be of immense help.


  • Dear friend
    I have been preparing for the past 2 years. I too have had some struggles with stress lately but not to extent to which you have mentioned. What i have learnt is that you cannot fight a battle on two fronts. One against UPSC and the other one within ourselves. First calm the impatient soul within you. Make a list of all the positive things in your life. Do whatever makes you happy for a while.
    Take up the PG if you are really interested in that field. It might give you a better perspective. It ll help you earn better and feel better.
    We are privileged to have such a wonderful life. Try being relaxed. This exam favours critical thinking. And as a doctor you would know anxiety is the biggest obstacle to critical thinking.
    Wish you all the best for a rocking future.
  • As there is a fight between heart and mind.You want to pursue cse but remember if you go for another one (5 one),then it is foolish to leave 6.I know you study around 6 years with depression,a long time with fighting yourself.It is never easy to see your dreams shattered.
    First take break and talk to all who supports especially life partner.If your support system and you yourself in well being state,then pursue it .As civils is a long battle with good mental condition.And when you are impatient you cannot do anything with full effort.There is also a option of skip of cse 2019(if age permits) and first settle(in a relatively low position),then give CSE.
  • @Doc1988 Don't loose hope buddy, and most importantly be positive always . I know it's very tough to be positive in the long journey of civils. This is my 6 th and last mains, after mains exam from 8th of November I am going to study for NEET PG.. I know I am late for pg as my juniors have become assistant professors in medical colleges, but I am ready for everything.. PG is the second best option for medicos, if they are not successful in civil services.. You have 2 attempts left, so don't think about pg or anything for now, give your best in these two will certainly clear the exam.. Don't join will always regret in future..Will write to you in detail about pre startegy after my mains..
    Be happy...jindagi me bahut kuch hai.. ias
    Prelims 6, Mains 6,Interview 0
    A failed aspirant..
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