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Some of the most widely administered tests for Teaching Job in India include the UGC- NET, SET, State level teachers’ recruitment programmers like SSC etc. UGC- NET use standardized tests to assess literature achievement, to determine lecturer placement, and to reach specific skill-oriented men. PG students wishing to prefer lectureship continue their efforts after PG generally take these tests since most INDIAN colleges and universities require test results in applications for lectureship. The most common of these tests include the general aptitude and knowledge of a specific subject.

Now as you are a literature student , even though the format is objective, what you need to do is to do your studies well with a vision:

Let’s talk about some basic things:

The scope of literature
There’s enormous diversity in literature as this partial list of genres demonstrates: poetry, drama, novel, story, essay etc. They can be grouped farther. For example, in the case of fiction----- satirical, biographical, religious, romantic, the novel of manners, naturalistic, allegorical, political, utopian, historical, regional, national epic, ethnic, family saga, experimental, and proletarian or protest. Popular (mass-market) fiction genres include Western, science fiction, detective, romance, and horror/occult. List is not yet conclusive.

Why read literature?
We read for entertainment and/or instruction, to delight and/or enlighten through the various expressions of the imagination according to some critics. Few find them as the art of exploring and explaining the human experience. Popular or commercial literature may also aim to shock, amaze, or provide us with an escape from reality into another world. Now as a reader you need to explain, extract and exhibit the threads of meaning in the literary piece:

As a reader there are two approaches to reach the meaning:
* Readers--> Aesthetics --> Meaning
* Readers--> Society-->Writers ' Identity --> Meaning

In the first one, you have to reach the aesthetic level of the created work with such spiritual acclaim as that of the author. You need to be Jogi!

In the second category, it is quite cheaper and easier way of reaching the goal. It is the ladder of knowing myself--> where am I --> who are you( the character/ the author)--> The relation between you and me --> the meaning of the text.

English Study Tips:

* Literature is not an isolated field of studies. You have to know the historical and social context in which that piece of literature was created. Art, music, film, anthropology, and philosophy who is not there!

* Take a note of the author's biography for the totality of the comprehension and application.

* Names, places, and dates are to be computed which I personally fear most.

The UGC NET tests the range and depth of the knowledge levels of the aspirants. Paper 1 of UGC NET covers a very wide range of subjects relating to various aspects of education in general and higher education in particular. The UGC NET Paper 1 has to be treated with respect while aspiring for JRF and for the requisite cut off. In social sciences, in particular, there is always a strong overlap between various subjects and the aspirants are expected to widen their semantic knowledge by studying all related topics as well.

The UGC NET JRF is the ultimate test of scholarship in India. To succeed in this exam, one needs to prepare carefully and systematically for several months. That is why our 4-month coaching programs at Athena Multiskills are so popular with the aspirants. We provide total flexibility by allowing the aspirants to join on any date convenient to them because coaching at Athena Multiskills for UGC NET JRF is personally customized.

Athena Multiskills has guided many young aspirants. So, if you are looking for Best NET coaching in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, you can reach us by:
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