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How SGX Nifty affects NSE Share Market?

edited September 2018 in Banking
As you know SGX stands for Singapore Stock Exchange and SGX Nifty is a derivative of the NIFTY index which traded officially in Singapore Stock Exchange. Nifty Futures on the SGX traded for 16 hours on that exchange however Nifty now trade for only six-and-half hours on the NSE Stock market in India. Investors who are unable to access Indian markets but still want to take an exposure in Indian market trade in SGX Nifty.

I know you don’t want to know the BASIC STUFF!

What you need to know is how SGX Nifty affects NSE Share Market?

Well, as you know that India and Singapore are on the same the continent – Asia, and due to global effect of share trading, the SGX NIFTY is somehow related to SENSEX and NIFTY. When countries can trade with one another, any change in the economy of one country has an impact on another country’s stock prices.

SGX Nifty is the first indication of the initial direction of Indian Stock Exchange. Indian stock market opens in morning at 09:00 AM that is a pre-opening session and actual trading start at 09:15 AM and trading closed at 03:30 PM. However, the SGX Nifty is available 06:30 AM to 11:30 PM as per Indian time. So, if SGX Nifty closed 20 points then this news of SGX Nifty is good for the domestic market and works as an indicator of Indian market sentiment. And if the same news showed SGX down by 15 points then the NSE is likely to open negative and go down even more.

So, that means the rise in SGX Nifty also corresponds with a rise in NSE but so do all. I mean positive world news affect all stock exchanges equally.
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