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Current Affairs for pre 2019

Hello Respected Seniors,
My question, Is Vision IAS Monthly Current Affairs sufficient for pre 2019. I m looking to follow that because since I m a beginner in CSE Preparation it takes lots of time for me to select , read and make notes of relevant news from newspaper. and I am also taking forumias current affairs class for pre+mains 2019
What should i do?is that enough ? Please guide.
Thank You


  • more than enough..but do read the hindu daily without making notes or indian express editorials
  • The attached image enlists the sources followed by someone who secured 142 marks in Civil Services Preliminary Examination, 2017. Apart from the above sources, Synopsis of the India Year Book and Economic Survey were followed too, not to mention the relevant NCERT books which were consulted for acing the topic of 'General Science'.

    For Current Affairs (Prelims), only 'The Hindu' and Vision PT 365 had been followed (as may be seen in the image), but had been done very thoroughly.
    720 x 304 - 54K
  • The Hindu Newspaper crisp notes monthly (in around 10 pages)..will cover all the topics left by Coaching centres
    No need to read full newspaper..Rs 50 monthly(Free for june)(to get Whatsapp at 8527633361)(Money collected wont be used for personal use)
    Find sample notes of june 2019(Prelims perspective) at
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