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Censure Motion vs No Confidence Motion

If the censure motion is passed, the Council of ministers is bound to seek the confidence of the Lok Sabha as early as possible.

If non confidence motion is adopted by the House, the Council of Ministers is bound to resign.(It is moved for ascertaining the confidence of lok sabha in the council of ministers)
Am I write ? Please correct me if I am wrong
First attempt in 2014 - couldn't clear prelims, second to be in 2018
Optional - medical sciences


  • @Dr_rrrrohit014 You are not write. No one is write. Although one may be right :P
  • and yes if a no-confidence motion is passed theyr obliged to resign and not necessarily if censure motion is passed as it is just a symbolic check on the govt in power against a specific policy if it hasnt taken the house into confidence before executing it.
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