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Review of Vaid ICS needed for anthropology optional

edited August 2018 in Coaching & Websites
Hi Friends,

I'm planning to take up anthropology optional for CSE 2019 attempt.
But I'm very confused about which coaching to opt for as there seems to be no consensus on 1 good coaching institute or faculty.
If any of you have done coaching for the same, plz guide me as this is a relatively new subject for me being from engineering background.

Also, I've heard about Vaid ICS being the best here with other players being Lakshmaih sir and Sosin mam.
Plz let me know objectively if you guys have any idea.... it'll be of immense help.



  • edited December 2018
    Never join vaid Sir

    He is good for socio cultural...but for the other portions, he will only give you materials with very small print.
    And paying 47000 for socio cultural is never worth it
  • I joined vaid Sir and flunked my mains this time..
    If you can self study , it is better. Otherwise try for other institutes or if you cannot self study and don't get a good teacher, you can consider trying other optionals ...but joining vaid Sir can be a complete disaster if you are a first timer
  • I suffered my 2017 attempt thanks to vaid sir.
    2017,2018 : P+M.
  • edited December 2018
    I had a friend who studied for this years mains from Vaids notes. Didnt get through.

    Also, dont even think of joining Vajiram anthro. I went for a week, and frankly, i want my week back.
    Most teachers are only good at one portion of the subject and completely ignore the rest.

    I believe anthro is something that can be done through self study alone. For guidance you can have a look at Rank 3 and Rank 1 of last year. Insights has their strategy.
  • If you want vision IAS ongoing anthropology lectures, contact me
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