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Why was Sachin Tendulkar eligibility criteria in RS questioned in High Court?

Rajya Sabha being a organisation of national importance, any case relating to it should be referred to Supreme Court

It says that petitioner had the right to either approach to SC or HC.

My question is why can the R.SABHA matter be taken to HC when it is an national entity


  • Quo warranto is a writ that can be exercised by both SC and HCs under A32 and A226 respectively.

    So it's not whether it's a national or state entity, the petitioner filed a case for the supposed violation of a fundamental right.
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  • Because High Court is a constitutional court which can interpret the Constitution. Also, rulings given by High Courts are considered law all over India and not only in that state. So, it can go into constitutionality of Sachin's nomination. And, the Supreme Court prefers the petitioners to the High acourts first to reduce pendency of cases.

    P.S.- Though you are correct in saying Rajya Sabha an "organization of national importance", but I think that it is too small a tag for Rajya Sabha. Rajya Sabha is much much more important and fundamental for nation. After all, it can pass law to create organizations of national importance. ;)
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    @AKA27 And thank you for sharing the article. I felt rage when I read that the MLA in his petition talked about Sachin deriving financial benefits out of membership. As far as I remember, villages adopted by Sachin have got all urban amenities. And, if my memory is serving me well, then Sachin has donated his entire salary to PM relief fund. What has that MLA done, apart from trying to get cheap publicity by filing such petitions which would not stand even a single day in any court. There are past judgements of Supreme Court on Article 80 which will go in favour of Sachin. Such a worthless and useless MLA.

    P.S.- I am a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar B)

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • @Normal11 can you please explain the meaning of terms quo-warrento, habeas corpus.
  • AKA27 said:

    @Normal11 can you please explain the meaning of terms quo-warrento, habeas corpus.

    Kindly read laxmikant
    hey bro
  • AKA27 said:

    @Normal11 can you please explain the meaning of terms quo-warrento, habeas corpus.

    Read laxmikant, as @Krk said.
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