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Interference in preparation and way ahead

How do you manage with the situation when there is excessive interference in your preparation, especially from the family. Often expectations are high when we prepare for IAS examination. Sometimes they direct us how to prepare. Sometimes too many poojas and prayers that need my presence. Instance of not visiting home to maximize preparation is sometimes seen as ignoring family values and giving less importance to parents. This makes me do a monthly visit to home. Not having a job is seen as not a 'real busy life'. These are small things that make big difference. Often explaining the reality is met with no results as it touches right at emotions. And sometimes being a rebel seems the only option. But given a choice, i would hesitate to rebel against parents. How do you all deal with family interference. What to do when they are overly protective? Pl advice fellow mates. No trolls please.

I remember how in IPL teams owner of team try not to interfere in the game plan. Any interference has often led to more failure than success. (Just an analogy to think.)
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