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Psychology Optional IAS MAINS 2018

Hey there everyone, i was surfing for some meaningful psychology IAS optional group but sadly couldn't find one. So i came up with this idea where we can help each other to be better in our beloved optional and score our best in Mains 2018.
Please help and contribute to make it a one stop only for all Psychology IAS aspirants


  • Same.
    I seriously have a tough time finding people with this optional!
  • The link says that the chat is no longer available
  • Any test series avalaible for psychology ??
  • Antrixx said:

    Any test series avalaible for psychology ??

    There is some called beautiful mind.
  • Antrixx said:

    Any test series avalaible for psychology ??

    vajiram, beautiful mind
  • Me too searching for test series(Psychology). I have gone through Vajiram ka but it is available only offline. Is there any group that for psychology optional active?
  • edited June 7
    I have joined beautiful mind test series last year, it was helpful. I also did coaching from beautiful mind from last to last year. I also compeletd MA(Psychology) from ignou this year. If any serious group is there then i also want to contribute.
  • anyone interested in daily psychology answer writing? also, plz tell if you know about a good psy test series in delhi with flexibility of timing.
  • Guys,how is psychology as an optional?
    has marking been stable over the years?
  • Me too..
    Nigahen nichi rakhte hai bulandi ke nishan waale,
    Utha Kar sar nahi chalte jamin par aasma waale...!!!
    Tarfa Qureshi
  • Have anyone here completed reading paper 1?
    I feel like my reading for topics 2 and 3 is insufficient.
    Any reference for these?
  • Hii.... anyone with Psychology?? There are multiple books by Robert Baron as well as Saundra ciccarelli,which of their books are to be followed??
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