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Focused foundation program or just MGP + PT testseries ????


I am a bit confused between joining mgp and ffp.

I started prep last year and I have been doing it through self study with only optional coaching.

However, not writing prelims this time due to some personal reasons.

Meanwhile, got visionias coaching videos through a telegram channel recently.

And now, I am trying to formulate a proper plan for next year.

My two cents on joining FFP are :wink:
1) will keep me super disciplined
2) will plug gaps in my prep
3) may not give me enough time to self study both gs and optionals
4) no idea abt quality of teachers though have heard rave reviews about guidance
5) fees is a bit high but is still the last concern

On MGP+PT test series only:
1)Finish syllabi through vision videos,other online coaching
2) More time for self study
3) still benefiting from guidance
4) may suffer due to lack of self-discipline and messed up sleep cycle
5) less fees

Will be very grateful if members could help me out a bit especially seniors @Neyawn @nandini @DrKingSchultz @zohanmukharjee @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh


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    its not wise to tag oldies ( and tagging me in same context as them is a "paap" , i am nothing here) for your personal doubts
    if you have decent understanding of basics MGP + PT will suffice , u will be best judge of your condition ( p.s : self study is any day better than any coaching if one has time i.e.>7 months)
    once again HUSTLE
  • Sailing in the same boat. I think coaching can be helpful for the absolute beginners. People who jump into the fray without much know-how of the process. After Preparimg for 1 year by yourself, you may try covering the syllabus once on your own and do as much you can by yourself.The help/guidance can then only pick yourself up from that level. The tips/tricks would then make much sense, i believe.

    Coaching can help you in fostering discipline. But in the longer run your determination matters more than a coaching discipline.

    Views are personal and I'm not an expert.
    Reshami si maaya thi,
    Aur main takata jaata tha.
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