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SFG for mains: Request

Dear @ForumIAS,
I am part of SFG-2 and received a mail today of a prospective program post prelims for mains on the lines of prelims SFG. I long wanted to ask you guys to consider some program for mains to make us be more effective and disciplined after prelims. Happy to know that u guys have it under consideration.

I, for one, have been an immense beneficiary of SFG. Havent studied this hard since my 10th ( Even then, never this consistently). I really thank you for conceiving this program which has novelty written over each day of the program.

Apart from thanking you, my idea was to sincerely request you to come up with mains program on
similar lines. If at all ur idea is still just in your brains, I hereby beg you on behalf of all those who want such program. Please give birth to another of your brain childs.

We are on track to do well in prelims, need a bus to
get into once we finish swimming here.

PS: I would have posted it in SFG 2 thread itself but it looks like no one is tracking that now.

@all, please show ur support if u want a SFG for mains.


  • +++1, also if possible add essay in the same sfg mains course on Saturday. At least some essay tests and orientation classes.
  • I have suggestion for SFG programme (MAINS)
    1) Test of one hour can be conducted from Monday to Friday. These tests should be discussed in classroom, after test only. It will provide clear idea, what is expected by UPSC. But these tests need not be evaluated.

    2) One revision test can be conducted on Saturday of 3 hours. This test should be evaluated and rankings should be provided.

    3) Fee model should be monthly, like SFG(Pre).
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