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How good is Himalai coaching centre in Mysore?

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Hi, Can anyone tell me how good is Himalai coaching centre? I am planning to join weekend classes.

Please let us know is it worth joining compared to other coaching institutions like JSS Training institute & Brilliant tutorials.


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    Not sure about Himalai , but could say that the rest mentioned comes under Himalayan Blunder I-)
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • Hi ..
    I had paid full amount of 48k and had joined Himalai IAS classes in Bangalore 2 years back(in 2012) ..
    I'm a genuine student of this institute and u can contact me on my email to ask me anything about these cheaters.

    This person Keshav is a fraud. The advertisement u see in the hindu which shows success is completely fake. He has been putting the same person's photo for the last 3-4 years in the newspaper !!
    U should attend the classes to know how shit they are.

    He sucks out the money from u and does not provide good coaching nor refunds the money when u find out their true colors.
    In fact he provides no coaching !! .... trust me !!
    They spend so much time in advertising that they could genuinely spend on finding good teachers. Even after 3 years i still get spam SMS from them saying Himalai IAS is best coaching institute in Indian. Shit !!
    Himalai IAS is here only only to make money. I can promise u that.

    All positive reviews about Himalai IAS on asklaila, yellowpages, justdail etc are done by their team itself (U can easily make out how fake the comments are and advertisement motivated). No sane person in this entire world would appreciate their coaching.
    In 2012, in the class, he threatened students that he would file defamation case against those spreading bad things about Himalai classes. Yes he is a lawyer apparently !
    This threat actualy prompted me not to write a review about them on the internet. I was scared back then.
    As i was fooled by fake positive reviews on internet back then when i started out, and lack of genuine reviews got me cheated, here i'm probably one of the first to review Himalai IAS(genuinly), to help serious upsc aspirants out.
    I'm sure Mr.Keshav's team will counter my review with fake comments. Watch out for that too.

    I think this review is long over due. Mr.Keshav sue me if u like. I have freedom of expression under article 19, and i'm going to write the truth here.

    The classes start late. He sends out messages saying the classes are at 9, but it starts at 10. When he comes, he blabbers about motivation and spends time. This happens every class, trust me.
    He shits out useless talk and finishes the day. He also gives out shitty hand written xerox notes and calls it Keshav's notes.

    You don't just end up losing the money, which is the least loss u would suffer.
    You end up drained attending the class with zero return of knowledge, waste ur time, worry abt ur future, get depressed abt ur upsc preparation, ultimately u might end ur pursuit of IAS, then ponder abt the money u wasted !!!..
    Frankly u will be demoralized if u go to this institute.
    I'm warning u now itself. I feel morally obligated to do so as i'm a victim here and hence i'm creating awareness.
    If u still end up going to Himalai IAS, i can guarantee u disappointment.
    Atleast then, please do post a review online and stop others from joining the institute.
    These guys r literally daytime burglars !!

    My job ends here. Now u do ur research and interact with other students to know abt them. Please don't trust me if i sound fake. Do ur independent research.
    By the way i'm not recommending any institute here to maintain my neutral and pro-student pro-consumer views. I would in fact recommend u to study on ur own from NCERT books. More or less all institutes are like this only.
  • I have heard the above review from many. Stay away from fraudsters.
  • Hi all,

    The secret of Praslowheel is out he is a fake guy ( Name its self says ) who comments every thing in the world who looks like a insane who as commented on all IAS coaching institutes in Bangalore and other cities.

    Believe in your self, walk in directly and cross check, do not believe comments given by non IAS cleared guys always look for original testimonials and cleared candidates reviews.

    look for any institute which is minimum 15 year of experience and teach only IAS exam still sustaining in the market means they are the best and results will all ways drive them.

    All the Best for your direct walk in research than believing online unverified comments.

  • Good institute . Got a opportunity to discuss and prepare under recently cleared different IAS toppers in Himalai institute. Guidance from keshav sir helped me a lot with simple materials and good test series subject wise. Thanks for updated classes.
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