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Current Affairs Repository for Prelims 2018 - [Jan 2018 to June 2018]

Dear Members,

All of you are well aware of that fact that current affairs forms the major chunk of prelims preparation. There are many resources to follow and we end up following just a few, time being the major constraint.

Since each of us follow different newspapers and sources on a daily basis, it would be helpful for both you and the aspirant community if we can pool in topics of current affairs that we come across everyday. It will also be helpful for revision as prelims approaches near.

It will take just 15 to 20 mins of your time everyday but trust me, in the end it will be immensely beneficial.

We are going to classify the topics according to the codes below,

Subject - Code

History - HIS
Polity - POL
Economics - ECN
Environment and Ecology - ENV
Science and Tech - SNT
Geography, Places, Maps - GEO
International Relations and Summits - IR
Schemes - SCH
Ranking, Awards and Recognition - RAR
Reports - REP
Committees - COM

Please feel free to add any other codes for any other topics.

I will archive this thread on a daily basis, so one need not worry about this thread getting deleted.

Example format of the post,


[IR] - Bodhi Parva
[SCH] - Guru shishya parampara scheme
[SNT] - National Certification System for Tissue culture raised plants, Nobel Prize 2017 in Physics and Indian connection

Wishing us great success in this initiative,

Yours Truly,


  • JAN ( 1st)

    Nyctibatrachus mewasinghi is a new species of night frog from Western Ghats

    Nyctibatrachus mewasinghi is light brown in colour with an off-white underside, and sports faintly wrinkled skin with prominent granular projections.

    Frog’s genetically closest relatives are the Athirappilly night frog (found south of the Palakkad Gap in Thrissur and Idukki) and the Kempholey night frog (found in the northern Western Ghats of Kerala and Karnataka

    it is known only from Peruvannamuzhi in Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary in a small stream running along Peruvannamuzhi dam

    Malabar Wildlife sanctuary

    The sanctuary is part of the western ghats, a biodiversity hotspot. It also comes under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and forms a part of the Wayanad Elephant Reserve. The sanctuary area constitutes the watersheds of Kuttiady River

    The Sanctuary has diverse vegetation types. These are the West-coast Tropical Evergreen, West-coast Semi evergreen, Southern Moist Mixed Deciduous, Southern Hill-top Evergreen forests, Grasslands, and Marshy grasslands (Vayals).

    Imp site seeing

    1. Urakkuzhy waterfalls.
    2. Peruvannamuzhi and Kakkayam dam and reservoirs.

  • 2 new ginger species discovered in northeast...

    Botanical Survey of India (BSI) scientists have discovered two new species of ginger named Hedychium chingmeianum and Caulokaempferia dinabandhuensis.

    523 x 158 - 25K
  • JAN 3rd

    NASA to launch Parker Solar Probe to explore sun’s outer atmosphere...

  • Saudi Arabia, UAE introduce VAT for first time...

  • Meltdown and Spectre bugs
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