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How strong in mathematics do you have to be to do well in Economics optional?

What are the topics in maths one must know before choosing economics optional?


  • Did u find any answers to this question ? Even I'm trying to find the same
  • Economics in general(For BA,MA,M.Phil) requires basic knowledge of maths upto class-12th level(Not all topics,but only few topics like Matrics,determinant,simple differentiation,integration,optimisation techniques,maxima,minima,basic statistics and little bit of econometrics.

    But For IAS exam,most of the things mentioned above are not required(Not at all required in paper 2 and required only for some areas of Micro and macro paper 1) because They focus more on theoretical and reasoning aspect more.But Their application may be asked,or may be used to write an answer.

    So If you have time,you can go back to basics of above mentioned topics,know how to apply these and then Eco wont be a problem.
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