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need for newspaper reading ?????

I am doing insights daily current affairs with editorials along with iasbaba current affairs and babapedia daily. Do i still to supplement my current affairs preparation with newspaper reading ?

senior aspirants @Neyawn @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh plz help...


  • I would suggest 30-45 mins newspaper reading should be done. People don't read Hindu, still they become IAS and people do newspaper notes making for 2-3 hours daily and still fail in the mains ! Psychological benefit - that you are reading editorials daily (or weekly for 6 days) will reflect in your confidence level and at the same time such doubts will not crop up.

    If you are following Insights and Baba both, make sure that you are not wasting time for studying the same topics from multiple sources, rather just skim through the content of 2nd source and read those topics which are not covered by the 1st one. I would still say, follow any one source religiously and you will be good to go. So many sources will lead to redundancy and consolidation + revision might become clumsy. If you are stubborn like me then follow multiple sources but be very smart, skip and skim, no repetition.

    PS: few people after getting selected lie about their preparation (even if they have spent few hours on newspapers during preparation, they won't admit it ! Hum log to bond hai, kuch nahi padhte !) Personal opinion hai, take a decision wisely. Hope it helps. Happy new year and all the best.
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  • IDK, I've seen some people say that they skip newspaper completely, and follow only insights/etc, and some others who do both newspaper and insights/civilsdaily and some others who read only newspaper.. Guess it depends on how you orient yourself in your studies and what you absorb/retain no matter where you read from.. but who can say
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    Do read one newspaper daily for atleast 30-45 minutes. No coaching notes can replace that. Reduce one source out of you already doing and do newspaper reading in that time. :)

    Personal and Clear opinion. Newspaper has no replacement only time to read and juice it can be reduced with the help of such coaching tactics ;)
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  • how can u become queen without reading newspapers
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