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How to develop an enterprising attitude?

Preparing for a bank PO job is not enterprising, for SSC, RBI, State PSC - all entrance examinations. Being in a job and continuing it is also not enterprising. Finding a job could be. Start-ups are enterprising. Creating value through yourself is enterprising. Ability to bring people, talent together to create a stage, to create an enterprise is enterprising. But how do we get into such a state and develop such an attitude. How to hop on a train for an enterprising journey?


  • @santra ji, suna aap entrepreneur ho. Please give some tips on how to develop an enterprising spirit. Many people lack it in our country. It's a national deficiency similar to stunting and wasting.
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    @bechara_aspirant sir you are making me too big by asking me this question. But here are a few general pointers I feel are imp -

    - I feel that this exam preparation is a very enriching experience since it teaches you so many things (knowledge wise and otherwise) and opens up so many new avenues.

    - one should learn to capitalise on the knowledge you have gained during this process to enterprise if I may say.

    -its a good idea for someone to be in jobs you mentioned above, you can always wait and create opportunities for yourself. I feel these platforms will present to you enough opportunities

    - think of something simple that you feel is within your reach. It doesn't have to be fancy, only simple for you.

    - enterprising is not an overnight development. You have to know what you want to do and work towards it. I for eg have an idea and have been working on its execution for sometime. So be a lil slow and patient. And as I said have backups to help you keep going in the meanwhile.

    - be in a positive frame of mind and trust your abilities

    - I don't think I have anything more to add than this, given that it's just too early for me to say anything more on this topic.

    Signing off for now. Cya

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