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What should I supplement Hindu with from the internet?

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I am planning on using feedly and youtube(for videos) wondering what all should I subscribe to?
1) Can you specify which New Indian Express or Indian Express's columnists should I refer to(or anything else)...and and any specific ones?? or any other newspapers?
2)Should I listen to anything specific from LS TV or RS TV?
3)Any specific blogs
4)Anything besides above three?


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    Well you should often read
    1)Indian express with special focus on C Raja mohan , IIla Pattnaik ,Jaithirth Rao, Isher Judge Ahluwalia , Meghnad Desai and Pratap Bhanu Mehta .
    2)PRS legislative research.
    3)Websites of various ministries of GoI for reports.
    4)Websites of Think tanks for selected reports such as IDSA(Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses) , IPCS (Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies) , ORF (Observer research foundation) , South Asia analysis group etc
    5)Wikipedia for relevant information , try to avoid those articles which are not properly referenced.
    6)EPW (economic and political weekly) if you are not a subscriber.
    7)Scientific websites like Nature , Scientific American , National geographic , Live science etc
    8)Magazines such as Frontline , Yojna , kurukshetra and Down to earth if you are not a subscriber you can visit their websites.
    9)Debates on Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha TV on youtube or if you have access to TV.

    These are some examples which all serious candidates follow , though it is not a complete list as it is quite exhaustive but these will give you a fairly good idea

    "People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought, which they avoid." Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
  • btw...any difference between indian express and new indian express?
  • I prefer to watch the following programs (depending on the relevance of the topic):

    LSTV: Insight, Science this week, 1-on-one
    RSTV: The Big Picture, Law of Land, Colors of India, Policy Watch, Standing Committee

    Enjoy !
  • Both IE and NIE are different in content . I would suggest Indian Express for better reading ..
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  • Anyone downloads LS TV programs?
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    @sidharth575 your point 7 totally scared me
    Scientific websites like Nature , Scientific American , National geographic , Live science etc
    :-O i don't think so much is necessary since upsc is not looking for experts.

    @abhijeetace may i know the reason why do you want to supplement TH?
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  • @Hedge I am new..and not finding too valuable articles in Hindu.(80% of national page is crap) to get insight into various topics , so that I have more points in writing an answer I am looking for supplements..(will be using internet for it only)
  • OK Nature magazine is overkill but the rest one can selectively read .
    "People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought, which they avoid." Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
  • @sidharth575 thanks for that expanded list. Yet, that is indeed a huge "supplement".
    Being selective would again be a broad term and expand "the universe" to be covered.
    The regular trio of Yojana, Kurukshetra and Science Reporter, along with TH and IE seem to be sufficient enough for the Current Affairs part.
    ISDA, IPCS and other are great resources, provided one is interested in them. Yet, the news papers do give enough points to take care of the UPSC paper. Anything beyond seems a bit overkill (IMO)
  • @Ritika what about Frontline :-SS
  • @abhijeetace
    i too am on the same boat. so following is not an expert advice(unfortunately i am still experimenting :( )
    (*) as explained by others read magazines like kurukshetra, yojana(only selective study, everything they print are not important for us), frontline, i don't know about EPW. and most importantly make notes.
    (*) for science and environment along with the hindu i read science reporter and Down To Earth covers especially environment in depth with both negative and positive aspect of a news. it personally like to read it. i have no idea about all those above mentioned science magazines :-SS
    (*) RSTV,LSTV and AIR programmes are essential. you dont have to sit and watch at the time they are aired. here is how to convert youtube videos into mp3, you can hear them whenever you want.and alot of MBs can be saved.

    (*) about reading IE along with the hindu, i dont think that is all enough :P
    use rss feedly and subscribe IE,TOI,ET for their editorials, their science and tech articles.
    also add IDSA,PRS,pib,IPCS, ORF etc to your feedly.
    (*) from last few days i have started following the economist,BBC,al jazeera. not sure they are needed or not,just experimenting.

    every aspirant reads the hindu for sure, to present answers unique from rest you have to read different sources than others. and i have stopped looking for newspapers, look for news.
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    pre= 2, mains= 0, interview= 0.
  • @singha can u notify here the timing of those programs
  • @aketh :

    LSTV: Insight (Mon-Fri: 1300) , Science this week (Sat: 1830) , 1-on-one (Sun: 2200)
    RSTV: The Big Picture (Mon-Fri: 1800) , Law of Land (Wed: 1330) , Colors of India (Sat: 1800) , Policy Watch (Sat: 2200) , Standing Committee (Sun: 1400)

    Besides most of the programs are repeated throughout the week. You may check the schedule on the website. And you may also watch RSTV programs on their Youtube channel.

    Hope this helps.
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