if reducing age in cse,y shouldn't be there discussion on increasing age of retirement ?

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if there are talks about decreasing age for entrance,,(of course by generalizing the population they tend to validate this view) ,shouldn't be there discussion on increasing age of retirement ?
they say they require 'young force' in bureaucracy , what is young is it a number?? what is aged is it a number?
1)yeah this will impact the vacancy and job creation, but if govt is targeting to utilize the experience of a civil servant ,as some had argued with the same point while decreasing age at entrance stage so that govt will get more experience till 60 years if a person enters at early stage of his life.
2) if PM modi and many politicians at the age of 67 and above can work for the govt with efficiency ,,why cant a bureaucrat work certainly at far lower position ? why the generalization that people tend to become inefficient after 60 etc ?
3) in my opinion the age barrier like 60 etc has made people feel 'aged' mentally years before the actually become! people starts feeling aged in thr 30s! (specially working in govt or preparing for govt jobs) , i guess age is relative! people specific...one can become old in thr 20s and one can remain young till 70s , so why there is a line like 'poverty line' which is absolute and make people efficiently working below it and inefficient above it?
4) shouldn't be 'person specific retirement age ' concept? in many country people work for govt till they can ,,as experience of thrs matters alot! in India too people work for govt in diff assignments as upsc chairman members etc..as judges in tribunals etc because they can so ,why they got retired in 'young' age compare to thr present age from thr respective departmnts ?
5) without denying pyramid of hierarchy, if people have caliber to rise high thr should nt be the age barrier,,and if a person cant rise thr retirmnt can be considerd, making barriers in the minds way before joining of a person will tend to give lethargic attitude in later years of service..
6) our life expectancy is increased and will increase in future so the concept of retirement mus evolve!!,,,..by the time this current batch of ias ips will reach thr 'retirement age ' who knows the concept of compulsory retirement would survive at that time? thn why members of committees making argument that young entrants is the need of the hour so that they can reach secretory level!

these are some points in my mind...certainly i hvnt researchd any of thm...i may be entirely wrong !!
m not a pub ad or from humanities ,,, may be its a part of thr 'well settled' discussions
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