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Why no MRNA posts for december ?

Has forumias stopped posting MRNA articles for december ?
Last post is for 30th november
@Neyawn @Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh @andy133
Any idea ?


  • It's there. Checkout the homepage of the blog.
  • Caution: A very long post explaining everything leveled against me.If you want to read it, read it fully. If you stop in the middle, you will misunderstand me and thats not my fault. 
    Read it only if your unbiased towards me and want to know the true facts, other wise please continue with your blind criticism and ignore this.

    I am sure Mrunal sir is not at all upset about "anything that has happened on forum".
    He is targeting those who are posting unscientific methods and those who are asking new aspirants to "blindly guess". 

    Let me first make the issue of Roman Saini very clear.
    Summary of his video,
    1. "His tricks and tips" were about "Maximizing score" may be by 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 or may some 15 marks. He never suggested any of those tricks telling that they are "For passing the exam". He suggested those tricks only and only for "maximizing the score" which is very essential because the prelims has become a cut throat competition. One has to do everything and anything to make sure he has to write the mains examination at any cost. Nobody wants to lose one valuable year just because of not trying enough. Hard work will definitely enable people to pass the exam, but only a few. Hard work + Smart work is the only way to pass prelims exam for "majority of the students". 
    This is the fault of the UPSC, they have forced such outcomes due to such question papers and only 200 marks deciding cutoff. Students will do everything to pass the exam, remember its a war, everything is fair in love and war. 

    2. Where did Roman go wrong? "According to me, personally". Roman did not give enough examples for his tricks and tips. That is where a lot of newbies suffered immensely. Those tricks definitely work, but only for those who know how to make them work. One needs to put in serious effort to make those tricks work and that comes only by solving thousands, yes you heard it right, thousands of Mcqs. One has to observe, analyze and practice those patterns. Only then can those tricks be fruitful. Directly applying it in exam is a sure recipe for disaster, this should have been conveyed by Roman and thats why, even though his Video is genuinely helpful is widely criticized among the aspirant community. 

    Now come back to my issue, Some people have so much issue with me that they not only abused my racial identity but also called me not fit enough to pass this exam. Fine, alright, people can have opinions, i have no issues with that.

    I had made a thread recently explaining how to logically and statistically guess in prelims, with proof. 
    I tried to explain the things that roman conveyed in his video, in a much better way, "along with the necessary caution" that i am neither endorsing it nor encouraging anyone to do it. "It was only to educate people how to observe patterns in question papers and how to judge the philosophy and thought process behind the questions"
    Why did i not share it before prelims,
    Three reasons,
    1. I will be very honest with all of you. I was selfish, Yes. This exam is such a rat race, i did not want the cutoff to inflate and jeopardize my own selection. My selection is my first priority, just like how all of you also think. 
    2. Sharing here only on forum would have immensely benefited only those aspirants who visit forum. There are 10k downloads of forumias app on play store, so imagine the effect it could have had on cutoff. I would never want any hardworking student to suffer who doesnt have access to internet or forum. This was my intention, to not make it unfairly advantageous for the visitors of this forum.
    3. Since, it is statistical data, there is only a possibility of that occurring in the next exam, but there's no guarantee. I did not want people to have a look at it just one week before exam and directly go apply it in the exam without any practice. It would have been a calamity of the scale of tsunami. Practice is very essential like i said before, to apply these methods.

    Why did i share them after exam,
    1. I saw many threads coming up, where people were confused, because they had studied all the sources yet they were unable to score high. They wanted to know how to take risks and guess in the most logical way in the exam. In order to educate them, well ahead of prelims 2018, one year before exam, i shared some of my knowledge so that they can practice and get benefited. Also, only forum visitors wouldnt have got benefited because one year is a lot of time and the tricks would have spread mouth to mouth to the corners of the community. 
    2. I also wanted UPSC to see those tricks. I wanted them to realize that, by making students guess in such a way, they are losing out on quality. They are getting people who may not be up to mark in terms of understanding of the subjects in the syllabus. This is not only a loss to the UPSC but also a loss to the country in a larger sense. Half baked civil servants is the result of the current scheme and pattern of prelims. 
    I wanted UPSC to see these tricks, so that they could change the pattern next year and set up thought provoking, analytical and understanding based questions relating to the subjects in the syllabus(just like this year's polity questions - they were of very good quality). 
    3. To develop a sense of observation and analysis among the aspirants, its a key factor in this exam process, be it in prelims or mains. Those who observe and analyze things better are without any doubt the toppers of this exam. Ask any topper, he would tell you the importance of smart work. 

    Still, i am sharing the pdf again, If any one of you can find one wrong suggestion in this pdf, let me know. I will humbly quit civil services preparation. I would never do something that would affect anyone in a wrong way. I believe in karma, if i do good, i receive good, if i dont, i will be doomed. So there's no reason why i would misguide someone.

    I told everyone on the thread that, "it is just one among the million ways to solve mcqs, its not the only way", the larger intention was to educate how to find patterns. I called it scientific because it is based on statistical data and there has been not just research but meta studies done on how to solve mcqs, all those tricks were applicable in 2014,15,16 and 17(29 Questions which i had explained on the thread). If statistics is not scientific, then i am not sure whats scientific(directed at the criticism). 

    Also, i have clearly used the word "context" in my pdf, which means that one should have prior knowledge base to guess, one should not guess blindly by using statistics. I always meant prior knowledge + statistical observations = efficient guessing. 

    Our only aim is to book a seat in mains, how we do it doesnt matter, because the competition is cut-throat and the stake is magnanimous. 
    That is all i have to say on this. 

    PS, i had typed all these things on that thread, but people were not ready to understand for god knows why. I have received many gratitude msgs over the inbox for that thread and i am thankful to them. Even if one person was helped, my job is done.
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