The breed of 'successful' lethargic people?

I have been analysing my mistakes, problems and root causes for not succeeding - which in the present context means not clearing mains in 3 attempts. I am very lethargic. If I get into doing something for example if I am reading or making notes on a particular topic - after persiting thru the intial hesitant hour or two, I may persist for hours with conentration or 2 minute breaks, or continue such a routine for days. But when I get lethargic things gets very problematic. On one hand you have a very persistent phase of few days, and on the other hand a lethargic, not-doing-anything phase for weeks, even a month or two.

I think persistence is a very essential characteristic one needs to exhibit to be able to achieve any sustainable gain. Apart from the cliche of finding a balanced pace of studying, and practising - how are others like me dealing with it? How do you come out of such long lethargic phases - when it happens often? I am sure many people who fail consistently identify with this. But is there anyone successful who may have come out of this state of your very own pathetic, disabling self - success here ranges from clearing mains to geting under-100 rank. Any succesful people like me?


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    The cliche of balance is exactly the point.
    Do the easier stuff at the beginning and build up momentum.

    Keep reasonable targets and hours for study, post which you can have some recreation unrelated to studies, forum.Take a half day off every 10 days or 7 days.

    Take short breaks while studying (5-10 mins post 50 mins) and sleep properly at night.

    Motivation is over-rated and willpower is limited.

    Figure out a realistic process as per your limitations and nature.

    You have given 3 attempts and know far more about your way of working.

    However, you are burning yourself out regularly which is detrimental for long-run pace.

    Rest, the more experienced people can give you sensible ideas. I am a newbie truth be said.
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