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Initiative for forming a group for Interview preparation (CSE 2017) in ORN (Delhi)

The GOAL of the thread
This thread is for people who are keen to start preparing for CSE 2017 interview and are looking for a peer group in ORN for current affairs and hobby related discussions and mock interviews by fellow aspirants on a regular basis. The intended goal is to form a group of candidates who will meet (in person) 2-3 times a week as per a fixed schedule and discuss ongoing issues, preferably in a question-answer format mimicking the actual UPSC interview.

The NEED for this proposed GROUP
As we know that Interview has the potential to become the most rewarding stage in this UPSC exam. We have all read/heard about exemplary performances by candidates who managed to get into the final list majorly because of their interview scores. The 30 mins of the interview may reward the candidate with more marks than 360 mins of any 2 GS papers combined.
Secondly, interview preparation often starts only after the declaration of the Mains results. Most of the mock interview sessions also start around that time. This leaves little time for improving the communication and presentation part of our interaction. This is especially true for those who have had their previous interviews scheduled in the first few days of the interview sessions itself.

A Request to FORUMIAS
It is a humble request to FORUMIAS to act as an incubator for this initiative. Nearly all coaching institutes start their "interview guidance program" and mock interview/group discussion sessions only after the declaration of the mains result. FORUMIAS may step in to revolutionise this trend and become a proactive leader in this arena of interview guidance. Specifically speaking, the moderators like @Neyawn and others may help in organising the discussions, providing specific direction and schedule to the entire process.

Appeal to Selected/Experienced candidates on Forumias
The candidates who are already in service or those who had previously appeared for CSE interview and find this proposal worth exploring may consider participating in this initiative. They may act both as a mentor and a learner by providing their valuable feedbacks to other aspirants and at the same time gaining from relevant discussions and mocks by fellow aspirants.

Proposed plan for this initiative
We may start by a group of interested people meeting and setting the agenda for the course of this initiative. Newspaper and current events discussions may be allocated to specific days of the week with mock interviews by a panel of fellow aspirants to be scheduled as per convenience. The mock may also be video recorded for future reference by the candidates themselves.

My Experience with UPSC interview
My permanent residence is in Delhi and I have had my previous interviews in UPSC scheduled during the first 10 days itself. My score in the interviews has hovered around 160 and this time I am keen to try something different to achieve an improved result (therefore the above appeal for this initiative).

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.
There is also a separate thread regarding interview preparation for CSE 2017. This thread seeks to focus on a different issue, particularly of forming a peer group for discussion purpose.

Finally, if this thread reaches a critical number of people which will be able to sustain this initiative, then we can move to the next step of deciding the venue and timing of the meeting. Furthermore, if there is a consensus in the group, we may also have a small token registration fee, so that only serious candidates show up. This fees may be given to Forumias in return for their valuable services.

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