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Is it necessary to make notes from magazines ?

edited November 2013 in Current Affairs
anybody please tell me is it worthy to make notes from magzines??i really consume very much time for preparing newspaper notes (3-4)hrs...i want advice from senior players that it is worthy to get compiled edition of current affairs of vajiram at the end time... please reply me
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  • Nothing substantiates your own notes.
    Refer to this link
    Write only important words and try to use symbols. .
    ex: for increase/promote/enhance/encourage use "up arrow."
    Be innovative and make it as short as you can.
  • edited November 2013
    1) Make sure your notes are not redundant
    2) Be sure to revise them. In fact, save one day of the week exclusively for revision of newspaper and subject notes.
    3) Gradually you should learn to pick up the important issues and ignore the unimportant ones.

    Saying this out of experience. I read 2 newspapers daily (spent 4-5 hours) and collected newspaper cuttings running into hundreds of pages but in the face of the exam now, it's all useless as I didn't revise and many of the cuttings pertain to same topic like I have 10 different editorials for the Palestine issue.

    Incorporate healthy practices in this regard right from the beginning !!
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  • @1109
    Hello buddy .Imho notes (from any source) are only helpful if you revise them .If you are religiously following newspapers n compiling your notes then you can supplement them with magazine articles.
    Just read the important articles n if you find anything different other than your compiled notes then you add that info in them.
    Also the gist of the articles can be written in one's own language in very short space rather than word to word copying .
    I hope your economics is going well now !!!
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @deusAdeeb thanks i will keep doing.
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  • @LuV thanks buddy for ur views.. actually i am not following much sources for current affairs just following the hindu + thats it but now deciding to buy a good magzine as well to supplement my notes so i am not able to decide which one either CST,FRONTLINE or CHRONICLE(for currentaffairs)...please frnd tell me regarding this...
    frnd i am reading the hidu online coz there is always problem of delivery of hindu... and i am making linear notes from newspaper on notebook and news on loose papers is gud strategy...any advices from your sides
    and as economy concern it is going fine i had completed NIOs,ncert and now reading ramesh singh.. really gud strategy given by u..
    thanks :)
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  • @1109
    Always happy to help.
    I have personally subscribed to CST after much research regarding which magqzine to follow.It is a good magazine. Like you I have also subscribed the e-paper edition of Hindu.You stick to the notesmaking process from Hindu but do it regularly n diligently.Doing this will enable you to have a ready reckoner of current events at the end of the year but do read n re-read your notes.Try to understand what is the whole issue , rather then just copying headlines n redundant details.for eg :An article comes on palestine.You note it down but unless you understand the whole issue you would not understand any article written about palestine.Follow Mrunal's advice on notesmaking from newspaper.Its really good.
    Its good to hear that your economy prep is going well.
    Good Luck .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @LuV thanks a lot..and one more question related to optional ...presently now i am preparing for prelims syllabus and not decided my optional yet...though i am thinking of geography but now i am thinking of sociology.. what is ur opinions regarding otional??
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  • If iam preparing for 2015,should i make notes and acquire cuttings frm nw only or is it that frm a yr bfr the prelims or 8-9 mnths will suffice..jst a random que....a newbie so had to clarify it...thank you...
  • @1109
    Deciding optional is purely an individual choice.The debate b/w ,the interest in a subject n statistical performance of a subject in mains ,as factors to be considered for deciding optional is never ending.
    Imho only interest should guide you in deciding an optional because the syllabus is too large to sustain preparation on any other basis other than interest in that subject.
    To find out you simply narrow upon 4-5 subjects that you think you can prepare for mains & then read 2-3 chaps from NCERT books of relevant subjects.During this whole exercise just try to recognise your interest factor .If you find a subject interesting you would want to read more of it n that would be your cue.
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • Sir if u cud answe my small query...actually being a new bie these things arise in ur mind and wud really like to get it clarified
  • @sanidhya
    Well if you are targeting 2015 then start cultivating a habit of reading Hindu or IE or any good newspaper regularly.If you can supplement it with a good magazine like CST(Civil Services Times) it would help you immensely.
    Cultivating above habit is more necessary then making cuttings n notes because aspirants find it very difficult to sustain this practice on a regular basis.
    Although anything can be asked from current affairs in exam but coverage from around before a year would suffice.You can never be too sure regarding the dynamic portion .
    So my advice would be to start reading newspaper n magazines on a regular basis & if you can top it with making notes or cuttings it will be great .

    PS - Please dont call me 'sir' as it makes me feel i am 100 yrs old.A simple 'friend' or 'buddy' would do just fine.
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • edited November 2013

    Even i too found CST better than other magazines with respect to analytical articles (the longer ones) but don't u think that it doesn't cover all the news of a given month and following another magazine like chronicle is too time consuming (which i unsuccessfully did for few months n could'nt follow either properly!!! )

    what do u do to overcome this drawback??
  • @AJ_AJ
    You do have a valid point but I only read magazine to supplement my current affairs notes from newspapers.The best source is no doubt the newspaper for current affairs n latest news.
    A magazine cant publish every article in detail due to obvious reasons so they take important stuff , concise it , provide aspirants with the relevant background research n publish it.
    You dont need to or want to depend on a magazine for all news .Read newspaper regularly n prepare notes out of it & when you have the monthly edition of a magazine like CST just supplement it with your notes.
    You are right even i found Chronicle very boring .I used to read it earlier but it was very time consuming as they publish everything about anything.So switched to CST.
    I would like to add that no magazine is perfect .They all have their shortcomings n good points .
    You just need a good supplement with your daily dosage of current events from newspapers. Dont forget your dosage n go for supplement only as it would only harm you in the long run.
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @LuV buddy please tell me that it is necessary to complete whole ramesh singh eco book...i did reading ramesh singh
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  • @luv....i religiously have been reading hindu each day frm last 3 mnths......and chronicle to go with i found it having more material in case of news item then cst and articles are also good and hav nt been able to make any notes frm them bt hav been cutting 2-3 articles of value generally per day frm hindu........
  • @1109
    My advice would be to do Ramesh Singh as per topics listed in GS syllabus.If you have time then you can read it whole.
    You are on track my friend.Just try to remain true to your practice.As far as notes making is concerned try to make them regularly too as they would be your ready reckoner of current events which you can refer anytime during later stages of preparation.
    If you find Chronicle better then please read it but stick with it diligently.
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @LuV thanks buddy
    Learn from everyone follow no one
  • @1109
    Anytime buddy.
    Always happy to help .
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • Magazine and news papers are indeed indispensable for the preparations. However, isn't it so that we sort of ignoring the static part of the syllabus. Magazines and news papers quite often bite on the share of time I plan to devote on the Static part.
  • I agree with you @Ritika ..infact this was a blunder done by me, which resulted in my failure in prelims. In order to get maximum update knowledge, which is no doubt necessary, we sometimes tend to ignore static part. So this time i am trying to strike a balance between both.
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