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Essay topic - We can defy human laws but cannot resist natural laws.- Interpretations?

I took the interpreatations as humans create human laws for peaceful co-existence so if any law is wrong or bad, we can change them. However natural laws are governed by nature and above us such as earth revolving around the sun. We cannot change natural laws or events such as earthquakes, climate change etc. We can only try for a peaceful co-existence with these laws.

However this is a direct quote by jules verne which implies natural laws as natural insticts of man.


  • 2nd essay i also wrote on environment and that also in a hapazard manner..same state in tension..dont know how much wii fetch minimum..
  • +1.natural law- completely focused on climate change....
  • Same here. Not thinking about it now.
    Will see to it after mains get over. We all can submit representation to upsc or something.
    It's disappointing especially when there was no obvious reason to think of some other natural law (law people might be knowing not everyone) but let's hope all goes well :)
  • +1..but no worries.....we r generalist and this is how we do...
    (n).when fate f**ks you all sorts of creative ways...
  • raj87 said:

    +1..but no worries.....we r generalist and this is how we do...

    +1 I also wrote about disasters and sustainable development and I don't see any reason to be worried about it though there can be few more dimensions.
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • no worries. ichecked the meaning of the quote. it is as per our interpreatation.
  • edited October 2017

    no worries. ichecked the meaning of the quote. it is as per our interpreatation.

    i started with concepts of determinism and possibilism in simple words(that is historical development of relationship between humans and nature)
    then with some historical examples explained how people have broken human laws by fighting wars etc- Vikings defied natural laws and settled in Arctic region and were decimated, Hitler's Eugenics program was against natural law, ancient king Gilgemesh quest for immortality(was against natural laws)
    in contemporary times- debates of development vs nature- like contstitution may give right to life but uttarakhand floods eventually took the lives because we defied natural laws
    we break human laws like pollution rules, forest rules but we pay price for it with compromised health etc
    therefore said human laws actually mimic natural laws so we should not break them
    then came to the concept of sustainable development, kyoto, paris kigali and stuff
    finally said there has to be balance and man has to take clues and guidance from nature and reconcile his actions
  • no worries. ichecked the meaning of the quote. it is as per our interpreatation.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade :)
  • I think it is about possibilism v/s environmentalism
  • can somebody tell please what are the minimum marks one can get..i took it in the way that human can withstand human laws through struggle,revolutions,satyagrha,arab spring against human authoritarinasim but not nature effects..
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