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The post-UPSC Diwali

edited September 2017 in Ethics
The Dusshera/Diwali Pledge
All of us, especially parents, need to realise that every cracker that we burn pollutes our lungs. Every cracker that you burn is equivalent to asking your child to smoke. It is for you to decide if this is the type of thrill and excitement you want to gift to your child this Dusshera/Diwali.

This Dusshera/Diwali you have an opportunity to reduce the smoke that you, your child and your loved ones inhale by not having local Ravan effigy burnings, by not bursting crackers and also by spreading this message across (use your social media platforms). Each cracker less burnt means one unit of harmful gases less inhaled by you and your dear ones.

I hope if not for your own health, at least for the health of your dear ones and your children you would stop this practice. Put to use the learnings of your UPSC phase of life to make the world a better place.

Here you see the picture of a person's lungs from Himachal Pradesh and another from Delhi. It is up to you now to decide how much more you want to blacken yours and your children's lungs this Diwali. People love to renovate/clean their houses on Diwali, I hope you all will also remember to keep your lungs clean.
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