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[Updated Info] Supreme Court Writ Petition for ambiguous questions in CSP 2017 [Need your Support]



  • Hi,
    We need your help to procure some books.
    We need "hard copy" of the following books to be produced as evidences in the court, If you are in possession of the books, We humbly request you to donate it for the cause.

    1. NCERT Ancient India Class XI - RS Sharma [Need hardcopy, not available for purchase anywhere]
    Link of ebook for your reference - http://byjus.com/pdf/Ancient-India-RS-Sharma.pdf

    2. NCERT Ancient India Class XI - Makkhan Lal[Need hardcopy, not available for purchase anywhere]
    Link of ebook for your reference - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByEZ3wrnHU31V3YyVXViVldMXzA/edit

    3. Advanced history of India - RC Majumdar, HC Raychaudri, Kalikinar datta
    Amazon link if you wish to donate it for us through this - http://amzn.to/2wu7q2M

    4. Tamil Nadu State Syllabus (Class 11) Ancient History book which mentions - "The use of horse is not yet firmly established" on page 13. [Need hardcopy, not available for purchase anywhere]
    Link of ebook for your reference - http://www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in/Books/11/Std11-Hist-EM.pdf

    5. NIOS Ancient India Course code 315, Module 1. [Need hardcopy, not available for purchase anywhere]

    6. History of Ancient India - Rama Shankar Tripathi
    Amazon link if you wish to donate it for us through this - http://amzn.to/2faqGzX

    7. A history of Ancient and Early Medieval India - From stone age to 12th Century - Upinder Singh
    Amazon link if you wish to donate it for us through this - http://amzn.to/2y2BLXh

    8. A wonder that India was - A L Basham
    Amazon link if you wish to donate it for us through this - http://amzn.to/2wZuIBY

    Types of donation,
    1. Would be immensely grateful if you can donate any of these books that are currently in our possession.
    2. Or else, We humbly request you to donate it us through the links given above (Amazon or Flipkart or any other website).

    We are not sure if these books will be returned after producing as evidences, but if they are returned we will surely send it back to contributors and we will bear the courier or delivery charges for returning the books.

    It would be of great help if you guys can help us in this.

    If you are willing to donate this book, Kindly PM me, I shall share the details of who will collect this book from you.

    Thank you.
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • Last time, The bench said that the UPSC test for the all-India civil services, is the highest-level exam and candidates taking it are expected to go by the books rather than the views of researchers.
    Hence, we will provide evidences in hard copy during the 1st hearing (the evidences are already provided in typed format but hard copy will ensure that the court will easily recognise that they are standard textbooks.)

    see this link to see what the court said - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/news/supreme-court-dismisses-plea-against-wrong-questions-in-upsc-prelims/articleshow/59860608.cms
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • If any of you have contacts, Please help us accordingly.

    1. contact in Indian Meterological Dept - Need tidal chart for Bhavnagar Port. (Gujarat). We have data from private websites but if we get it from a govt source, it would be very helpful.

    2. contact in national museum, delhi - To get an official document describing the artefact of horse terracotta figurine present there.

    for any clarification on this, Please PM me.
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • from the google form data,
    people from this thread have contributed 5,150 rupees so far.
    My heartfelt gratitude to all of you. Means more than what words can express.
    Thank you so so much.

  • @Einstein10 just a query ..r u sure u cud not make it only because of these ambiguous questions? Means u r getting enuf marks to clear d cut off oder wise? Wat if upsc says we will remove the questions n make a new list n u still don't make it ? But whatever u r doing will benefit future generations for sure.
  • Thank you everyone for your generous contribution for the cause. It's only because of your help, that we could file this petition. People from this thread have contributed immensely and close to 7000, that really means a lot, we will be eternally grateful for it. The total funding details with bank statement will be shared soon as it is being compiled.

    We are short of 3,500 rupees to complete this successful funding campaign.

    If anyone of you wish to help us, Please do the needful. Even if 35 people contribute 100rs, it will help us close the funding process.

    Thank you very much.

    Details below,

    "Kindly consider contributing in the range of 100 rs to 1000rs. We dont want any of us to be burdened, because most of us are unemployed aspirants. Contribute over 1000rs only if you really want to. Otherwise, a simple contribution of rupees 100 or 500 would be very very helpful and would mean a lot to us at this stage."

    Steps for payment,

    Choose any one of the FOUR payment methods given below,

    1. BHIM details - 7838846880 vishal rathi

    2. Bank Transfer details -
    Niraj Kumar Singh
    Acc. # : 910010029705901
    IFSC :UTIB0000246

    3. Paytm details - 9560144927(Niraj Singh)

    4. Instamojo link - https://www.instamojo.com/cspjustice2017/


    Once you complete the transaction, PLEASE FILL THE FORM BELOW.

    The below form will have the details of all the contributors and it will be visible to everyone to see the contribution so far(Enabling transparency and accountability in the process) .

    Link to fill form - https://goo.gl/forms/CElI7DsNdsRu50oR2

    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • Since u cud not pass d exam u r complaining.

    Since u cud not pass d exam u r complaining.

    Bhai you are the same person who are asking for extra attempts right ? Oh yeah ! You even created a thread for it !
    You have exhausted all your UPSC attempts, that means you must be a very senior guy, at least for god sake maintain the dignity of being a senior player !

    Kahin bhi kuch bhi bakar karte ho bhai, have some respect towards people who are fighting for their cause. Who the hell are you to be the Judge ?
    #Abhi bhi sharam nahi aayi ho to reply jaroor kariyo !
    रहो धर्म में धीर, रहो कर्म में वीर
    रखो उन्नत शिर,डरो ना |

    अलविदा Forum. It was a privilege to be here.
  • [Kind Attention]

    To all those who have filled the form for being petitioners,

    I have mailed you the complete details and procedure on your e-mail. Kindly check.

    Thank you for your support.
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • WE NEED 1000 PETITIONERS who want to bring in more transparency and accountability.
    Be a part of Supreme court writ petition to seek justice for ambiguous questions in CSP 2017.

    We have 76+5 = 81 petitioners now. Details of petition is in 1st page.

    What is the expected outcome?
    Minimum outcome - You will never see such ambiguous questions in the exam again, which means your future attempts will be safe.
    Maximum outcome - You may get to write Mains this year.
    Peripheral outcome - Answer key and cutoff will be released every year before mains.

    How will your participation help this cause?
    Every petitioner is important. As the number of petitioners keep increasing, the issue will be perceived with a lot of seriousness by all the authorities concerned. We need you to be a part of the movement to bring in more transparency and accountability.

    1. Do i need to come for any hearing?
    No. At no stage you will be required to travel anywhere.

    2. What is the fee to become petitioner?
    Rs. 500 per petitioner is the fee mentioned on the website of Supreme court for Writ petition(Civil)

    3. Do i need to contribute more money?
    No, Only rs.500 towards court fees and no other contribution required. The lawyer fees is being managed by crowd funding.

    4. What documents do i need to submit and how do i need to pay the fees?
    All the details will be mailed to you.

    Fill the form below,
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • People contribute!

    You are buying books worth Rs. 200-400 minimum and spending 1000s on photocopies (not to mention the lakhs that you have spent on coaching and test series). This provides an opportunity to contribute to a sincere effort which might make the selection of our future administrators and policy planners more transparent and effective.

    Understand that every person selected through this exam has a bearing on the life of each and every one of us, even if you don't get selected. The least we can do is to try to assure that their selection process is efficient.

    When you read the news about a Ryan student getting murdered or pollution in Delhi killing people, try to understand that somewhere there is an uninterested and non dedicated civil servant who is responsible (the civil society also is, though). You are a part of that civil society and can contribute via this effort.
  • Imagination is the key to culmination of reality.
    From Einstein to Ramanujan, The great souls have always opined this way.
    In order to manifest something, we need to have firm faith in it.
    This faith leads to right kind of thoughts.
    Thoughts lead to biochemical reactions and ultimately the desired actions.
    Actions manifest things according to our faith.
    Everyone knows this, but we forget it often in the most important of times.
    It's of prime importance that we believe we will win this case.
    Our each cell has to reverberate in the belief of this thought.

    From today, we undertake a resoultion that we will firmly believe that we will win this case and prove that questions were wrong. We will strongly believe in our evidences and we will have full faith in our judiciary.

    Our belief will reflect in our thoughts and actions.

    "Belief is Relief".

    "An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God" - An equation was nothing but the thought of ramanujan. It has deep meaning.

    I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right. - Einstein

    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination takes you everywhere - Einstein

    The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Einstein

    “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions. - Einstein

    We pledge to believe in the truth(Evidences) and We pledge to believe in our victory.
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • Thank you everyone for your support. The funding process is complete.

    @DrKingSchuItz kindly close the thread, it has served its purpose.
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • @Einstein10

    When are you planning to file the petition? Am also willing to become a petitioner. Will fill the google form. I think we can keep the thread open to invite more petitioners.
  • @Einstein10 please check your inbox buddy
  • Is this active?
  • Is this active?

    Diary number is 29380/2017
    You can keep checking the status on supreme Court case status page.

    According to those managing the case in Delhi, As of now 56 petitioners are added. Once petition number is received, remaining 20 to 25 petitioners will be added it seems.

    Court has holiday till October 2nd. So till then status quo.
    Saw the passion in my vulnerabilities? Now see the strength in my resolution.
  • ladna zaroori hai

    (kahne ko hai kafi kuch, bas itna hi kahta hu)
  • Transparency should be the prime objective. Upsc is as opaque as black hole, it suck everything but never gives out anything.
    "Rise and rise again and again, Like the Phoenix from the ashes Until the lambs have become lions and the rule of Darkness is no more”
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