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Make ForumIAS SESSION for 2018 available online

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Forumias mods are hubly requested to make sure that this session is available online (via live stream or video posted later)
To all forumias members via youtube or forumias academy website


  • Hi
    I have confirmed with the team n they said it's an online but u can watch video after 24hrs of session completion
    So if session is on 26 SEP we can watch online on 27
    So if have to plan accordingly
    But still I m confuse how to prepare a topic in a day ?? And give mini test example on 1 Jan 2018 topic is significant events n personalities from 1750 to 1947 in one day say in 4 to 5 hrs
    So we need specific source for all topics from where to read
    Any suggestions to implement plan ???
  • I was talking about open session to be conducted on 15 sep
  • banning them is not a viable option. one just can't but i would request @mods to not create any such thread or moderate them in future. it waste one month in anxiety by selling sensationalism and ultimately you get to know that it was not correct as well.
    some are going gaga over their prelims result and laughing on others who were not as "LUCKY" as them this year. 15000 write and only 200 get the dream job so better save your energies for yourself. others have been here and will come back like hell to settle scores forever.
    though reluctant but admit the fact that Focus created the much needed deterrence. earlier abuses and trolling and shutting down the threads were normal. he is a nice and very knowledgeable person. DrSchultz appears to be a wonderful and helping person. i didn't see any mod being unreasonably autocrat or nuisance. they are nice people. stop being a shamelessly selfish free user. these guys do alot for us. if you can't appreciate that , stop BS atleast. 
    Wait till you become IAS or the other's attempts are over before writing them off !
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