ANNOUNCEMENT : Prelims 2019 Select Focus Group (SFG) Commencement Date, Entrance Test and Other Details
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Mains Guidance Program, 2019 | Commences 28th October 2018 | Admissions Open

Admissions for the Mains Guidance Program 2019 are open, commencing from October 28, 2018. Optional of taking up MGP or MGP+ , which includes Essay. Visit to know more.

[EPFO-EO/AO,2017] Post your interview transcript here

Please post you interview transcript here. This will help a lot of aspirants.

Please use this format for uniformity :

Interview board:
Date and time:
Graduation subject:


  • Ma interview on 21st.....
  • Plz tell how many boards are conducting the interview ?
  • @rjl

    Join this Telegram group for EPFO interview related discussions
    Prelims - 3 - 2015, 2016, 2017
    Mains - 2 - 2016, 2017
    Interview -1 - 2017
  • @civilengineer I have my interview on 5th October, I'd also like to join this group.
  • @rjl

    Join this Telegram group for EPFO interview related discussions

    bhai can u paste the link again ..this seems to be not working... a friend has interview on monday and he needs it..
  • I attended interview for APFC in EPFO in June 2015
    Vinay Mittal board
    last member to go in
    they had tea before me, so waited for 30 mins in heat outside in a table fan which made my hair go wild

    Major points i can remember:

    Some questions:
    1. Why this job?
    ----i then worked in private sector which decently high salary
    said because i want to work for india while i was currently working on something based in europe: took time to get my point

    2. I was member of epfo
    ----is it meant for white collar workers like yourself?

    3. high speed railway
    -----i said iim a says it is not viable
    he first asked my views not iim's
    then on saying that i agree with iim, he started taking of all tech spin-offs

    4. one of the members asked about my BE project
    ----she had no idea of anything i was saying, but the chairman listened patiently, waited for me to complete
    some chitchat and bye

    Result: missed by <1 mark(out of 400)
    interview score ~65/100(we got overall marks and estimated interview score since 1st round was objective and upsc gave answer key)
    4th mains| iss baar c**d maarenge
  • EPFO EO AP 2016 Result decalred .......................Upsc 257 epfo eo ao result announced join whats app group using this link
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