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Useful Coaching for Anthropology

Hello aspirants !

I am a fresher to UPSC preparation. Can anybody share his review of coaching institutes for Anthropology in Delhi?

I have limited resources and I don't want to regret joining not so useful coaching. So, your reviews will be highly helpful.


  • Search older threads Mr Shahid.
  • Had anyone join online classes for Anthropology optional??
  • I have dump of anthropology material at very reasonable price
    The dump consists of
    1) Brain tree
    2) Munniratnam written notes
    3) Sosin madam written notes
    4) IAS mentors written notes
    5) Q & A previous years
    6) Q & A Braintree (Karthik sir)
    7) IGNOU
    The entire material is available at 700 rs
  • shyamus said:

    I have dump of anthropology material at very reasonable price
    The dump consists of
    1) Brain tree
    2) Munniratnam written notes
    3) Sosin madam written notes
    4) IAS mentors written notes
    5) Q & A previous years
    6) Q & A Braintree (Karthik sir)
    7) IGNOU
    The entire material is available at 700 rs

    Abhi kuch hai kya
    I will not change Signature and Profile Pic until I see your name in the "FINAL LIST OF SELECTED CANDIDATES".

  • share to other people because I don't want other to suffer like me by joining SRINIVAS>

    I don't know of other institutes but for sure I can say one should be cautious of SRINIVAS IAS.

    STAY FAR FAR and FAR AWAY from this guy if u don't want to waste time, money and feel irritated.
    Below are reasons:(Please believe me I have no hatred towards this guy and these opinion are written in unbaised way.)

    He only bothers to take your money.
    He is not interested in teaching and guiding students but MAKING money.
    All promises made by him in initial days like weekly test, monthly evaluation and extra classes if few people request are all false. The moment u pay money, he doesn't bother of who you are.He would ask you to wait till half the portion gets over to write a test. Once you reach half portion he would either pretend as if he had not made such promise or even if students forces him(as happened in my batch) he will take atleat 40-50 days to get your paper evaluated. By that time either you will forget that you have given exam or he would deliberately choose not to remind you.

    This is frustating:
    He takes 15-20 days of leave whenever he wants and goes to his home(Hyderabad). He don't understand what students opinion is and to cover the lost days he rushes like anything or ask u to refer few lost topic on own.
    This would be very frustating and irritating since all the plan you would make of syllabus completion by 3.5 month would be extended anything easily by other 1.5 to 2 months.(This is what happened with my batch. Everyone cursed and scolded him like anything.)
    He takes such vacation once in 1.5-2 month.

    Coming to his classes:

    His 1st hour (out of 2 hr class) is time pass; He somehow takes u to unrelated and non-contributing debate and waste time and in 2nd hour ask u to take notes(only for Physical). I felt like Why did I give him money and why should I have to listen to such non-sense debate(which lacks any justification).
    Even in class he makes statements which nobody on earth except him would agree.
    Few of his sentences are:
    1. When the topic of class is subjective(like social anthropology) he says('this topic is airy and liquid'). What f***ing english he uses in class?
    2. In topic of inheritance he says (the rickshaw puller might be of ashoka's lineage). NON sense. Non sense.
    3. Understand what i am saying(he repeat this statement and this will irritate you like anything)
    4. is it true or not
    5. open your brain then class will flow( I feel -- Rubbish english)
    6. pull and push

    All such statements are to waste time and not to give concept(which I understood later).

    I am telling you, he doesn't teach Anthro except Physical part. Again even in physical he has no clarity on human evolution and various fossils and he will ask you to directly take down notes without explaining any thing. This will irritate you and will make you feel why did i join him ?

    His sociology part is horrible, disastrous and too vague and too boring to attend. Complete waste of time.
    His paper 2, this F**k*r completely skipped tribal part and asked to read on my own{why did he take money if he doesn't teach???}. He will ask u to buy Nadeem tribal Book and read it. He hardly spends more than 1 class for tribal and even in those 2 hrs he cracks jokes or somehow waste time to complete 2hr.
    He doesn't encourage doubt. I guess he wants to avoid embarrassing situation in class if he doesn't answer.

    His +ves:
    Gives notes only to physical part.
    These notes are copy paste of P.Nath and B.M.Das.{You can buy hell lot of such notes in market and Please Please Please Don't decide to join him based on this +ve(as I did) because}

    You will feel complete waste of money and precious time for all his classes.
    You will feel cheated like me.

    When coaching is about to complete he says coaching will not help but writing will help and ask you to register for answer writing test.
    Once you pay money for this test, he will irritate you by not evaluating papers(As i said you he wants money and not our benefit). OR even if he evaluate it, he will not write any remarks on paper. You can see that your paper was not evaluated but rather tick-marked with red pen by giving random marks.When you ask him the comments for your paper for a question he will asks you to come later and he will avoid you finally. If you succeed to meet him at any cost, he will ask you to forget of last test and suggest to write next test(the cycle repeats).
    I wrote 6 exams of which he evaluated(with no remarks) of test-1,2 and asked me to forget of remaining 4 saying he would evaluate them after 20 days(as he is going to his home). When I questioned him strongly, he asked me angrily to get out of institute. When I further pushed him saying I have paid him money, he stood up and shouted angrily and went out to,take tea, without even listening to me.This made me to feel I was cheated by this f**k*r.
    Everytime i remind this scene, I wanted to punish him like anything, for teaching nothing after taking huge money.

    From his coaching i concluded that he don't have any knowledge of the subject but has read some toppers notes and mug them up every day before class(you can see him revising notes before class).

    Finally after all these remarks if you still don't believe me, try to get phone or email of persons who have joined him and ask them.
    How to get them? Ask the black receptionist boy(who is also a f**k*r in himself since he will only remind you to pay balance money and will never inform you if a class is cancelled or not) in srinivas IAS and ask him to give numbers of students of previous batches(say any reason).
    How to decide?
    If you succeed in getting numbers, decide based on majority. Ask atleat 10 people and join him(SRINIVAS) only if, >5 says, he is good.

    I am sure 9/10 will recommend that his classes are wastage of precious time and scare money.
    Again if you ask me I would say Big NO with single justification that the idea of spending 45K without getting anything will haunt you once you complete coaching.

    He doesn't even know proper english and tells the same boring things again and again.
    All the advertisements of him are all false. They are taken from other institutions because no topper would verify this malpractice and so he(SRINIVAS)safetly would print them on papers and pamphlets and advertisements.

    If you ask me how to study I can say the only mantra is self-study for anthro of delhites.

    Please Please Please convey this message to other. I opened this account only to post this and convey my opinion.
    I hope you guys can understand.

    If you still decide to join him I will say be strong and take his jokes and money,time waste as routine and OKish.
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