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The Hindu vs LiveMint

Guys, Need suggestion as to which of the following newspaper is good in terms of the quality of articles especially social issues The Hindu vs LiveMint. Also kindly suggest if Livemint covers as comprehensively as The Hindu .


  • M also reading xpress & mint seniors pls give valuable feedback
  • these observations are personal and subjective and only related to UPSC cse exam and not in general about the newspaper itself

    best in news coverage= the hindu

    mint is very good too but in editorials only. because is a business newspaper. dont scan it fully, read only editorials which you feel can add to your prep.. sometimes Mint discusses issues that hindu ignores or are left out by hindu. mint is a good supplement especially for economy and social issues.

    IE = best in 'explained' section. news coverage almost as good as hindu. editorials are good too.

    if u r reading all 3 . first read the hindu (news and editorials), and then add from editorials of mint and IE . and Explained section of IE.

    my preference of reading when i sometimes read all 3
    first hindu (almost full reading) , then IE then mint

    hindu and IE are good combination. if you cannot read mint .

    if you have trouble selecting articles from IE or mint, you can see forumias brief on newspaper articles or must read articles of the day. other option is insights daily questions.
  • Agar pub ad optional h then IE is the best, period. The Hindu, post the exit of S Varadarajan as its editor, has deteriorated significantly (or improved, depending on how you view Leftism). Mint ka edit coverage is esoteric and curiously unique sometimes, but InsightsonIndia enthusiasts vouch for it and swear by it. So, in the end, imho, it boils down to "caveat emptor". All the best!
  • agree with zulfiqar. Can feel the perceptible fall in quality of editorial of The Hindu while slow rise of Mint. Initially felt i was one off but now feel , the opinion is shared across the spectrum. How do u guys feel about the International relation section. Has it been covered substantially in Mint ?
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