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Examples which helped me score 155 in Pub Admin paper-1


I have created a Youtube video and channel, where I have shared few Public Admin paper-1 examples. I used some of these examples in Mains2014 exam and some are from my notes. I scored 155 marks in paper-1 so hope you can benefit from these examples as well.

The youtube link for the same is



  • Could you share a few for paper 2 as well.
  • Adi_2904 said:


    I have created a Youtube video and channel, where I have shared few Public Admin paper-1 examples. I used some of these examples in Mains2014 exam and some are from my notes. I scored 155 marks in paper-1 so hope you can benefit from these examples as well.

    The youtube link for the same is


    Thank you so much sir :)
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  • Could you share a few for paper 2 as well.

    The examples that I have provided can be used in both Paper-1 and Paper-2

  • I'm sharing this message from Insights Public admin group...

    Hello everyone,

    As the 1st fortnight of "Link The Concept" group is approaching to an end, group is re-opening for new entry for 2nd fortnight.

    A small description about group is as follows : Group is based on philosophy of "Do yourself or Die yourself"(DuDu). That is, those who fail to contribute as per group rules or under-perform are eliminated in order to create some competition in the group. By end of every fortnight, only 3 members will remain in the group. Elimination is not permanent, everyone can re-join for the next fortnight.

    Few facts about 1st fortnight : Out of 35 members who took part, 29 have been eliminated till now for various reasons, including non-submission of daily work or violation of group rules. Out of the remaining 6, 3 will be eliminated in the remaining days of this week. Finally, competition will be held among 3 survivors in what is being called as "Link-Fest". Topics covered in first fortnight were "Administrative Thought" and "Administrative Behavior".

    A sample of inter-linkages generated include :
    Lateral entry is premised upon 'leadership of function' whereby person with knowledge is given the authority. e.g. Nandan Nilekani, Arvind Subramanium
    PSU chiefs experiences inequity vis-a-vis private CEOs. While the latter earns upto 1200 times of their average staff, PSU chiefs get salaries of just 3-4 times of their median employee remunerations.
    Barnard's theory involves elements of both content theory(general & specific inducements) and process theory(zone of indifference) of motivation.
    Principle of subsidiarity calls for leadership of situation whereby ULBs becomes responsible for 12th schedule.
    Linking pin models :- Overlapping federal structures of NITI Aayog, Inter-State councils and GST councils promote co-operative federalism.
    Inter state water disputes evades resolution because of affective nature of conflict between linguistic groups - e.g. Kannada vs Tamils
    In prismatic society like India, system-4 management in policing carry the risk of greater harassment of non-clect groups by police officials.
    In a democracy, government regulation of NGOs should be based on Likert's adaptive supervision instead of super-imposed control.
    Matrix organisation: super specialty hospitals, bricks bank, monetary policy committee, gram Sabha etc
    Satisficing criteria by government in framing public policies, giving msp, subsidies
    Riggs formalism leads to variation in outlays and outcomes etc of various schemes.
    3-tier PRIs are based upon Likert's Linking pin model wherein chairman of lower level participates in upper tier.
    Competitive federalism seeks to develop 'co-related control' among States in Indian federalism.
    Lok adalats are constituted on Follet's idea of conflict resolution via integration.
    Selection of Generalist IAS as CAG while ignoring members of specialized IAAS violates principles of SM.
    Introduction of GST by Centre and States reflects Mental Revolution arising from recognition of potential benefits of scientific tax management.
    Devolution of 42% of divisible pool represents recognition by FC 14 of Functional Unity of States whereby States take responsibility for List-2 of 7th Schedule.
    Focus of police reforms on intervening variables (such as building esprit de corps) while neglecting causal variables such as structural changes(e.g. implementing model police act, 2006) and leadership changes(merit based selection of DGP, SPs etc) has impacted end result variables(e.g. Ruler's police than people's police).
    Reforms to judiciary should adopt integrated approach by focusing on causal variables such as leadership change - e.g. All India Judicial Service.
    Zilla Parishad meetings are marred by affective conflicts between local politicians rendering PRI functioning inefficacious.
    State's domination over PRIs via district collectorate reflects System-1 approach of exploitative authoritative management.
    System of cross-functional linkages between CAG and auditee department with its emphasis on interaction-influence would enhance greater appreciation among auditor about auditee's constraints.
    Few facts about 2nd Fortnight : Topic will be "Introduction". It will run from 4th September to 17th September. Group entry will be closed from midnight of 3rd September.
    Group link :
    Link will remain active till midnight of 3rd September. Group will start functioning from 4th September on wards.

    Schedule :
    Day Topic(points)
    4 September Themes of Wilson & Waldo(10)
    5 September Themes of Wilson & Waldo(10)
    6 September New public Administration(10)
    7 September New public Administration(10)
    8 September Evolution(10)
    9 September Evolution(10)
    10 September Public Choice Theory (10)
    11 September Public Choice Theory (10)
    12 September New Public Management(10)
    13 September New Public Management(10)
    14 September Challenges of LPG(10)
    15 September Good Governance(10)
    16 September Good Governance(10)
    17th September Link Fest

    Group Rules : Accountability is most important part of the group. The rules include :
    Non adherence to above general rules or Non submission of full work will invite removal next morning.
    Deadline for submission of day's work : 12:00 pm of following day.
    Format of submission : PDF or TXT file
    Group is only for submission of one's work (i.e. PDF or Txt file)
    Textual message/comment of ANY type is banned on group platform.
    Linkages for a particular topic can be of any type : Concepts -> PA-1 + PA-2 + CA.
    No. of points required are 10 per group member

    My good wishes to all
  • Hi

    I have posted another video for examples for Public Admin paper-1.

    The link is

    Cheers !
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