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UPSC Prelims 2017 ambiguity issue [need strong support for twitter movement]

Dear Friends,

As you all might be aware that this year Civil Services (Prelims) Exam-Paper-1 had many ambiguous questions and of late taking this preliminary exam feels more like a test of luck than of knowledge. A question is ambiguous when it has got more than one correct answers or no correct answer and a student is expected to mark only one answer. Questions like :Indus Valley People were aware of horses or not, diurnal tidal recession of sea from the coast occurring in both Bhavnagar and Chandipur and so on...There are at least 4 such questions on which we have gathered and collated information from all authentic sources which include government sources and established authors only. It seems that questions on which even the best of academia is not sure, UPSC seems to be ignorantly or rather whimsically sure! What a tragedy for meritocracy this is?
In any open exam, it is a bounden duty of the examining authority to ensure fairness and UPSC being a constitutionally declared watchdog of meritocracy has surely failed on this account very substantially. 4 ambiguous questions can mean more that 10 marks which is much more than the window for selection and non-selection for thousands of candidates especially in a time when the entire screening has been reduced to a mere 100 questions from the previously asked 200 questions(in 2 papers).

This game of luck in the garb of meritocracy has to stop immediately and today we demand very strongly an explanation for the lapse and redressal for the injustice done to the thousands of deserving but rather "unlucky" civil service aspirants.

Let me summarize the progress and modus operandi of the protest to bring us all on the same page:-

4 Fronts of Protest:
1) Judiciary: We are in the final phase of petitioning. Writ Petition is being filed in the Supreme Court on Monday ( 21st August 2017) All documents/evidences/arguments are almost ready and the best of lawyers are put to task. We have crowdfunded the lawyer fees.
2) Political Pressurising: We have met our Hon. Minister Prakash Javedekar and gave him our written memorandum of protest along with the detailed proofs of ambiguities in the questions today, we have also met Shri Aniruddha Deshpande, Sah Sampark Pramukh of RSS, set up a personal meeting with Hon.Minister Shri Jitender Singh, met with student union chiefs and other important members to sensitise and apprise our political representatives of the injustice being done to the entire system of meritocracy.
3) Media : Press release is ready to be given to media
4) Social Media: We are waging a Twitter revolution from now on Lets make noise for the deaf to hear.

So, please be a part of this revolution. Share your twitter handles by filling the google form here and help us make this protest worthwhile.

An upset but a hopeful citizen


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