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What is stapled visa | How is it different?

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under Chinese policy
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    That is a visa where the stamps of the country are not placed directly on your passport, but on pages staple to it. When the visitor leaves the country he visits, his visa and entry and exit stamps are torn out, leaving no record on his passport.

    This is most frequently used in countries which are hostile to each other, so that the passport holder will not be harassed by the government of the country he is a citizen of.

    For instance, the countries which do this most for US citizens are Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea. Earlier, before ties were normalized, this was done with China and Vietnam.

    In China's case for Indian citizens from Jammu and Kashmir & AP, the Chinese Foreign Ministry's message is "The Indian administration of Jammu and Kashmir & AP is contested, so we will not directly stamp your passport. Stamping your passport would imply recognition of this situation. Instead, we will provide you with a stapled visa."

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  • here is the quora link to the meaning of stapled visa,
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  • Also heard that people doing medical graduation in china are given a stapled visa too... How far is it true..
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  • @jye21
    in layman word...
    A stapler is a mechanical device that joins
    sheets of paper or similar material by driving
    a thin metal staple through the sheets and
    folding the ends. Staplers are widely used in
    government, business, offices, homes and
    schools .
    so visa which is attached to passport using stapler.. is known as stapled visa..
  • I think the creator of this thread's intention was to know , the context of stapled visa . And person was answered comfortably and almost comprehensible by the fellow candidates . So layman's version was found as spoiling the broth ..
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  • The explanation provided by @DANGERIPS reminded me Three Idiots !!!
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  • The explanation provided by @DANGERIPS reminded me of One Idiot !!!
    I don't like to reply to idiots and if you think I am referring to you, you are probably correct.
  • @woman at 4 am you was thinking about an idiot. oh god. ha ha.
  • @vibin sir i am very happy to see you after such long is your prepr. going for pree 2014.
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