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MP Stampede | Theism vs Atheism

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There should be audit of How many lives saved by god & how many actually lost due to god & is society losing self- confidence so much that they are flooding towards god?

And also can we say:- Theist 0 : 1 Atheist


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    The score is a little higher than that in favour of atheists. Sad incident but true inference.

    And I like how you didn't capitalise the "g" like a true atheist bro/gal. :)
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  • there is no god..even if he is dere he is indifferent to us...dere r many arguments to support dis..recent ones-utarakhand disaster, kavaria's cut by train, now dis stampede...dose who go to wrship god taking pain..even de are killed ..let alone dose who are nt dat cnclusion is dat dere is no god..only stupids n cowards believe in d so called nonexistent or at least indifferent both cases dere's no reason to wrship...
    Humanity first !
  • How do you know God is 'he' and not 'she'?
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  • look bro / sis( whatever you people are), why you people are attempting to sort that question which has been a burning topic since past many centuries? I agree , that many people in today 's society are drifting towards atheism , and the reason is their wishes and aspirations , despite of doing the hard work and believing in GOD, are not fulfilled.. Some people also claim that GOD is gender baised , that female deiteis only favour gals and women , and male deities favor men and boys, ( actually i read this thing in a national hindi daily, as u must be knowing ,from the last 10 days there was Navraatri, so might be to highlight the gals , these newspapers have presented such kind of things).... Feminists pls pardon me. ) ) ) ) ) he he he .............
    But the point is, the stampede has occured due to a hoax and a ridiculous kind of rumour, that the bridge has been automatically broken , so all the pilgrims ran in the opposite direction of the line ,in an haphazard manner. So this incident was due to the fault of some idiotic, mentally unstable and mischievous persons .
  • there is no god..even if he is dere he is indifferent to us...dere r many arguments to support dis..recent ones-utarakhand disaster, kavaria's cut by train, now dis stampede...dose who go to wrship god taking pain..even de are killed ..let alone dose who are nt dat cnclusion is dat dere is no god..only stupids n cowards believe in d so called nonexistent or at least indifferent both cases dere's no reason to wrship...
    Watch it.

    Belief in God is a personal choice, if you think all of them are stupid and cowards, then I pity you. Not pointing fingers, but being a so called "atheist" has become a benchmark of how cool one is. If you do not believe in the Almighty, good for you. But, if you label all the believers as stupid and coward, then you are just plain naive.

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  • Being a Theist or Atheist is Okay but imposing our ideology on others shows we have way to go!
    Not only this one, there are umpteen ideologies in which we all do differ from each other. We just need to accept this.
    'If person A has different ideology than mine, I will be stupid if I call 'A' stupid'.
    Diversities of thoughts. It is normal.
    But accept other people's thoughts too.
    Self-centrism is not one of the best things in this world!
  • philosophically,refutation of something includes belief in the existence of that cant refute smthng thats not there....nd whts the loss in being a theist..if god exists,thats too good,if doesnt,even then it doesnt make an ounce of a diff,does it?just think how boring our life wld be wdt god,no diwali,no dussehra ,noone to blame for our mistakes...also,we people r lucky to be born in a country like india whose indigenous religions speak of such high moral values,where in the world wld u find them...if nt ram,not vishnu,than make their ideals ur god...who has stopped u?as its said,in hinduism u can find god through ur choice of way,bhakti marg nahi to gyan marg apnao.kisne roka hai?...aur jabtak usko samajhne ka full koshish na kar lo tabtak apni aadhi budhi use karke pseudo-intellectual banne ka koshish na karo...aur agar karo to limit it to urslf...want to say many things,but time crunch.
  •,u are profoundly confused...u say smthng in the first line of ur post nd then contradict it urslf in the second one.
  • @ibnlokmat,u can say anything,u hv got ur own mind,mouth,system nd fingers.........nd u live in india.
  • @kapala: hey bro /sis, just answer my one querry?.......As it is quite true that, man is the architect of his own destiny , whatever he /she achieves in his /her life , is due to his/her hard work, and this thing is known to everyone. And if it is true , than do you really think one should have belief in God or any other supernatural power??? There are many people who dont celebrate Deepwali , Holi , Eid, Christamas etc etc. and if they commit any wrong deed in their life , they punish themselevs very stringently . so these people are the real judge of themselves, and they dont need any other Power to support them ........I am complety theist guy, who firmly believes in god, but honestly speaking,, the logic presented by athiest are very strong , and theist people have dont any counter reply for these things.
  • Hang the chief minister. That will be an effective deterrent.

    I do not know why but these events shake me inside out. I am becoming more and more atheist and surprisingly more communal. Being communal and being atheist seems to be the two ends of a polar continuum but they occur inside me simultaneously.

    The administration is indifferent to Hindu grievances be it BJP or Congress (less said better about other regional parties). They provide so much facilities to hajis , even a 350+ member team of doctors and other professionals accompany them. ( i have no problem with that but if they are secular they should also make similar arrangements for hindus too ) What Hindus get stampede, terror attacks and now a days even poison in midday meals.

    Scores of hindus got killed in jolly canal incident of muzaffarpur riots but media showed baised picture and horror (very few real) stories of members of a particular religion who migrated in the aftermath of the incident fearing backlash from Hindus . Even Mammohan and the family did not think of visiting the real victims of the riots.

    In uttarakhand more than 20 thousand got killed and administration was predicting 50 or 60 deaths.

    These thoughts are ruining my preparation creating a Self-fulfilling prophecy . I am fully trapped in it.
  • Holy sacrilegious riot! Let me clarify my stand on this since my post is the second one here. Don't want DoPT to find this post while digging into my background and getting the wrong idea.

    1. All knowledge is fundamentally a belief. It is your degree of confidence in each kind that defines your world view.

    I would be doing my nature a disservice if I claim religious people to be stupid (*Which I did not! Nor do I support any such imputation.*)

    My scientific world is just as valid as any religious one. At a deeper level, they are both "theories." I am a rationalist atheist and not an antitheist.

    2. Six months of studying Anthropology has taught me more than I ever imagined possible.

    Being a religious / scientific bigot is just another expression of the human tendency towards ethnocentrism. Then again all human practices must be compatible with human life and wellbeing. I object to harmful religious practices (that explains my original comment). This is the balance I strive for between scientific ethnocentric crusade and religious "anything-goes."

    3. Being an atheist does not preclude participating in religious practices. Often these overlap with your cultural practices. And as a Hindu, I can say that my religion grants me the freedom to be an atheist as well - Hindu atheist / Hindu rationalist that is. These are the labels that apply to me. I would follow cultural customs as tradition dictates but only within the limits of utility / non-regressiveness / rationality (point 2). In the spirit of utility, I might even accompany someone to a temple if that made them happy. The last time that my palms joined in worship was a good 20 years ago. That would not change. That is where I draw the line.

    In summary, a rationalist must be rational in criticism as well.

    Librare animum.
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  • edited October 2013 there any single person in this world,who can predict his destiny beforehand with total honest certainty?we work hard for smthng,feel that is in our cntrl,but are only x% sure that we wld achieve it...remaining 100-x% is the playground of an unknown power..some call it god..can one be sure where he wld be aftet x no of yrs nd in what cndtn....who can say why he has been sent on this earth?if we dont know the purpose of our coming here,than how can even know our destiny...let alone controlling it... so such talks r just overconfidence in good times wont hear of this notion frm smone who has really achieved smthng in their life...does any school of indian philosophy evn talk abt it?...nd i also believe that 99% of self proclaimed atheists are cheating themselves,they r just selfish nd overconfident people who r nt humble enough to even think abt god in their good times....all these r ofcourse my beliefs.
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    You might want to look up the "facilities" and the many crores of rupees invested by the "administration" for the welfare of the very Hindu pilgrims to Sabarimala.
    Let us be discerning in our analysis, and at the very least, refrain from stoking the wildfire that communalism is. These incidents shake me up too, and it is unfortunate that certain sections of the media choose to highlight the troubles of one community to the exclusion of others, but to be polarised towards either side is only making this worse. You are definitely correct in berating a government that indulges in opportunistic communal appeasement and vote bank politics, but I am not sure if it rationally follows that you should turn "communal" (i.e. inimical to religions other than yours) because of this.
    "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."
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    Forget about theist , atheist or even agnostic . Currently its a matter of shame on administration point of view . Scores had lost their life in stampede in India . Plenty of Commissions formed , still biting dust .
    Here , a rumor seems to be the culprit . People wish to get back home as fast as possible , was the victims . And at the same time police too propelled the catastrophe .

    There should have been a proper planning from the authorities before hand . Proper make shift bridges , toilets , drinking water etc . Instead it doesnt suit just to post 'n' no.of police officers to manage the crowd .

    So again without an inquiry , cant be put certain officials under public scrutiny . So this is not a matter of faith , but a matter of brazen negligence from Govt authorities .
    2017--> 8th attempt
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    Cyclone Phailin (category 4 out of a possible of 5) has killed somewhere around 20 people, while the temple stampede has killed about 120. Little to do with religion; lot to do with civilian administration.
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  • Wanted to say the same thing as Arindam has above. Yesterday, I was feeling quite proud at the evolution in the disaster preparedness of our government and the co-operation between all the various departments of the state and central government in doing the best possible to be safe against this force of nature but then this happens. Just another reminder on how less importance authorities give to effective crowd management and even less by civic department in making sure structures are safe and to say nothing of temple authorities.

    On the much wider topic in discussion here, it is too early for the atheist/agnostic/freethinker to look for a post-theistic society and too late for the believer to blindly follow all that their texts tell them to do. Religion has not evolved a bit these past two thousand years and the way things are going it is not going to in the next few decades. So let it rest there and let us just know that the earth is but a pale blue dot and realizing this can enable us to be humble, as Carl Sagan has said.

    Co-existing is the only way out. This holds true for inter-religions and between theists and atheists too.

    In almost all of the communal riots which our country has had to unfortunately fathom, the fact remains that until the word religion has been uttered there has been utmost peace. There has been a deep economic connection wherein,for example, a wholesaler is of one religion , the raw material supplier of one and factory owner of one and so on and so forth. This economic connect is so deep that no external force can penetrate it and riots have but disrupted business as usual resulting in economic misery for all sections of all religions in a society.

    I have personally seen the magic in the intertwining of 2 religions for the sake of business and seen such a profound connect and I am sure many other members have seen the same.

    We should make sure as responsible citizens that religion is not only kept out of the wide diaspora of politics which is at most times used by individuals for their own gain but within the workings of our daily life. Religion can be used for its spiritual purpose by all those so willing but within the boundaries of their home.

    And for the rest, well, there is the ever expanding cosmos which can cast a spell in its own unique way. Let that be our path to spirituality.
    Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living. - Albert Einstein
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