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Reservation for the disabled | Is it justified ?

edited October 2013 in Current Affairs

Supreme Court violated its own thumb rule of not more than 50% reservation. I am not against reservation as such but really, isn't this going too far? I mean already half the seats are reserved, then you want more seats to be reserved! Already there is a compromise in quality (so many general category students score way better than reserved category candidates). Already there is rampant misuse of reservation. Already people have to perceive the 500 vacancies as 250, now u want to reduce that further! Coming from Supreme Court, dont u think its far fetched??


  • TN gives more than 50 % by amending certain rules .. So forget about pointing fingers on SC :D ..

    Even if a concept wishes to be a noble thought , if it hurts public sentiments or invites blot on Govt then definitely it need to be expunged . However , conditions faced by Disabled is very much highlighted in Constitutions social empowerment principles . Currently , SC might have thought these people are not very much represented in Govt jobs , and make Govt to ponder over the same . /* Now a days , it makes me think is SC ruling country or UPA .. ?*/ ;))

    Nonetheless of public outrage , in curbing reservations no Govt would dare to execute it .
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  • Firstly you should address them as "differently abled" and not Disabled because calling disabled give them feeling of inferiority. So in many of public places such as train, bus , parks you will come across the term reserved for differently abled. Best example is Delhi metro train..

    If giving theoretical answer then its an good initiative taken to bring differently abled people at par with other abled people. These people usually get secondary treatment when applying for admissions, getting job, and in various spheres of life. It sometime create a psychological impact in there mind. This might cause them to get depress. So to boost there confidence and make them feel that they are not a liability on anyone govt has taken this step

    But if looking from other perceptive its real hard on general category
  • Does it really matter, whether it's justified or nor? Reservations are not going anywhere. GCs have little say in this (nobody else gives a damn).
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  • TN gives more than 50 % by amending certain rules .. So forget about pointing fingers on SC :D ..
    Just some clarity on this throwaway statement: Tamil Nadu isn't able to give more than more 50% reservation by amending any rules but because the state act for the same has been included in 9th schedule which, as we know, is protected by Article 31B from judicial review.

    However, in a 2007 judgement SC cleared that the blanket exemption would apply only to acts added before April 24, 1973 (the date of Kesavananda Bharti judgement) and the acts that were added after the date are open to judicial review. The logic being judicial review is a part of the basic structure and cannot be taken away by Article 31B. The point is that SC cannot scrap the TN law for more than 50% reservation because it was added to schedule IX before that date; however, no state in future might be able to do so.

    Unless, of course, legislature brings an act to invalidate the SC's 50% reservation ceiling thumb rule and we will get to witness a battle of wits. Unlikely for now.
  • @Priyanka_Tawde Yea, I should call them 'differently-abled'. I guess I was overdrawn with emotions :P
    And yes, they are a depressed lot, but so are so many other people. Reserving seats on a public transport is one thing and giving them reservation in jobs is another. Not comparable!

    @Vibin n @skylax Yes, I know about the TN govt's 9th Sch miscretion! But I think thats at state level. Wrong, nonetheless. 9th Schedule itself is a matter of debate!

    Every 10yrs, the system of reservation is extended for the next 10 yrs! A significant improvement and thereafter, an inquiry is desperately needed! Many communities have IAS/govt officials throughout generations. for at least such families, reservation should be scrapped. What say?!
  • PS: the ques was never whether Disabled should be given reservation. The ques is whether it is okay to surpass the already high 50% limit. o-+
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