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What is the recent Kayani problem? Please explain

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plz help?


  • i did read the article but i dont understand why has he been in news.many others generals of Pak also retired many a times.
  • Gen kayani has no problem except that he is retiring next month after 6 years and he is going to be appointed as CJCSC (Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee) of Pakistan.The only problem he seems to have is having the jihadis like Teherik e taliban e Pakistan , Lej , Jundollah , Haqqani group and jihadis of all shades and hues running amok in khyber pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) .The govt of pakistan somehow got the ridiculous idea to differentiate between Taliban and talk to them i.e the good taliban frankly i think the term
    ' good taliban ' is an oxymoron.Now Kayani is leaving GHQ rawalpindi at a time when when govt of pakistan is talking with taliban , they have recently released mullah baradar so they need kayani by their side.Second problem for kayani is resolving siachen and sir creek issues which is bleeding pakistani army and extorting USA for more money which has dried up due aggressive Indian diplomacy.
    "People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought, which they avoid." Søren Aabye Kierkegaard
  • He is one of the few generals who is going out without ever having threatened the pakistani democratic set up.Even though he got a number of chance to do so,but he refrained from doing that and has even mentioned in his address that he wanted to uphold the democratic set up of pakistan.Second he seems not interested for another term or another role for himself even when he is in a position to armtwist the government into doing that.Also,he is one of the few generals,may be only second after Musharraf,who is not on good terms with militant groups operating from pakistan.Lastly,he does not hold the typical india harted position like the previous generals.
    Although certain points are mentioned in hindu about all this but this is a personal take on him on my side.
  • I dont think it is safe to say what @fingerscrossed has said. The democratic set up in Pakistan grew stronger with the interventions of Supreme Court and thereafter, the public upheaval caused after Justice Iftikar Chowdhry was removed by Musharaff. Kayani did not want to tarnish his reputation by directly threatening or coming in conflict with the govt.
    Kayani's retirement is significant because he is retiring after getting an extension to stay as COAS (Army chief). Everyone was expecting for him to get another extn since the army is so powerful in Pak. So, basically his retirement shows that civilian govt has become a little stronger.
    However it'll depend to a large extent on which post Kayani joins after retirement.
    PS: I do not think that the 'hatred against India' point is valid here. Only when green book by Kayani is revealed, we ll get to know his take on India.
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