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Approaching Newspapers for Current Affairs : The Right Way

edited September 2013 in Current Affairs
Please help me clarifying doubt from today's Hindu.

I read through the newspaper trying to find relevant articles and came across just the below 2.

Science & Technology Biomedical Health and Research Bill 2013
What has been proposed in the bill

Editorial- Not Above Law
Key Point- How the SC is justified in taking a stance for immediate disqualification of MP/MLA on prosecution

I would like someone to point out if they found something more in the paper. Would like to analyze and fine tune my approach to Hindu. If somebody can take example of today's newspaper and explain here it would be very helpful.


  • edited September 2013
    Dear @RK4U ,
    Have you read any of the blogs by Eg, Prince Dhawan/ Mrunal etc. ?
    Have you read all the threads of Forumias ? (I mean each and every comment !!! )

    I think the answer to the above two questions is "NO".

    The game you are willing to play is not so easy !!! Please "make a strategy by reading the blogs/forum".

    The only reason that not "many" people are interested to help you out, in this thread is only because, your doubt shows

    "Lack of Hardwork, the Hard work to plan before you think of Fighting "

    So, read the above mentioned blogs Eg. Prince Dhawan, Mrunal and all the other blogs.

    Its futile to reply to "Doubt" !!!

    Personal suggestion: Today all the pages of The Hindu newspaper were important, rest "few sports news".
  • @abhithepandey

    Well thanks for replying. Really appreciate it.
  • try this website after you have finished going through the newspaper and have read the blogs as mentioned by abhithepandey. it would help you if you miss any important topic.
  • edited September 2013
    @Shantin @RK4U
    This is in reference to the above mentioned comment.
    Looking at the suggestion given by @Shantin , I was thinking that why I have not given the link which, I know too.
    Providing the link to a new aspirant, according to me, is not "apt".

    The problem with this forum is that, there is no "reliability measure" attributed to the members of this forum and "anyone is free to suggest anything to anyone" !!! , without being experienced enough. ( I have done it many a times. Means many-many times for which I regret ).
    The English term for the above mentioned suggestion is "arm chair advice".

    The fact is, when a aspirant is 'not experienced', he often tends to looks for "straight advices" (which doesn't need much thinking/doubt, blame it to Indian Education System). Though these advices do work when studying in school/college, but cannot for CSE preparation.

    I have started my preparation just two months ago, and there has been a single day on which, I have not matured as an CSE aspirant. Be it "Selection of the Pen" to "Notes making" to "Selection of the Newspaper to read from". I can confidently say that "these are the best days on my life as there is no one(physically) to guide me, and Internet provides us with a no-non-sense platform to discuss about the preparation. Blessed !"

    Again I shall like to present my view to the @rk4u to
    i) Read all the blogs , humanly possible, across the web for CSE preparation.
    ii) Read all the comments underlying the 'directions for preparation', under the 'write ups in those blogs' Eg. (suggested by me above)
    iii) Take a lot of interest in the above activity(points i & ii) !
    iv) Keep the hard copy of the "CSE syllabus" and the "previous year question papers" with you(both pre and mains). Critically analyse it.

    Then only you shall be able to understand whatever i am trying to convey to you !
    You shall also be able to know the "Significance of Newspaper" for us, which can never ever be fulfilled by these "Current Affiars Websites".

    (and whatever I am saying is not an 'arm chair advice' ) :))

    All the best

  • Keep reading newspaper . You will understand one day by yourself how to read in better fashion .. Yes , its practicable . @RK4U
    2017--> 8th attempt
  • edited September 2013
    @all please treat someone who is new to this forum very politely ......yes he/she might have nt searched about it but this doesnt mean u would treat him/her in such a manner ..........if u r senior even one day then u have some responsibilities towards ur junior .......please respect others dignity ........

    @RK4U ....i would suggest dont read anyone's blog ....try to search which is imp or not but how ?? very simple .....have a look at last year papers n try to find which news is imp for exam point of view(it would take some time may be week or may be month) after that if u have some doubts then u can follow someone blog ..........because nothing can be better than self realization .......all the best :-)
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  • @John_Carter

    To tell the truth I have read numerous blog's and follow quite a few UPSC preparation website religiously including ForumIAS. Still I can't say that I have read each and every post here.

    This question that I have put was after doing a little homework. I have been reading the Hindu for 4-5 years now. Initially for MBA prep and now for UPSC.

    I was only referring to the syllabus till now and thus had this difficulty. I guess I will take your advice and get thorough with the last 10 years' GS mains papers.

    Thanks a lot for the advice.
  • @RK4U last 3-4 years would be sufficient :)
    CSE 2013 : Revolt
    CSE 2014 : Revolution
  • @RK4U
    Only thing i would like to add to suggestions from other respected members is,
    Consistency is the key here.If you are consistent in your daily newspaper reading then your mind will adapt itself to it quickly.Believe me till you are consistent nothing will be beneficial.Our mind has an intuitive mechanism of evolving strategies which are best suited for us.So just hold on ,be consistent with it & sooner you will see a marked change in yourself wrt newspaper reading & understanding.
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
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