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Food facility in ORN/MN

Guys! Where in ORN can we have good food daily. Are there any mess kind of places? And I heard cooks are also available to help out in our own places...Which is better...
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  • plz engage pvt. cook only, tiffins are extremely unhygienic, in times of rising prices, sometimes vegetables are purchased late in evening by these suppliers which as u know are mostly left in rotten condition
  • BUt yes, the suppliers mentioned above are good one and have a brand
  • Thankyou @Aayush and @Doon_20 Yeah Im south indian but I prefer to eat north!! Any idea on the cook charging more for making rotis?? And why is cook paid according to the number of persons?? I mean every ingredient is our own r8?? :p and yes we are 3people(JK,AP,KA)...
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • and @Aayush any idea about the mess charges which you mentioned above?
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
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    @dileep1611 . Tendulkar charges 50 x 2 for lunch and dinner and 30 for Breakfast. His food is good , specially his rice quality , he gives salad also . In breakfast he usually give 3 parathas with curd. Sunday is usually chicken/egg curry which is good. He takes one month's advance which is refundable later.

    Roshan charges 45 x 2 from lunch and dinner , his food is little bit on more oily side but well cooked. His rice quality is inferior to Tendulker.

    I would like to add another one - SMK , he gives south Indian food, well cooked and nutritious. He gives 2 curries and rasam with lot of rice.

    PS: These are all tifin services , except SMK who also runs a mess.

    Hope it helps.

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  • What is the monthly cost of PGs in Delhi?
  • Thankyou @arav_kumar2013 @Aayush @Doon_20 :) I have zeroed it to appointing a cook. I think this is only better and economical as we are 3members. @abhithepandey PGs in ORN are quite costly for a decent one(around 10k). Luckily few get it without the help of brokers which is rare. You better put your query as a post in, you will get the best deals you want... Are you planning to prepare from Delhi??
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • and guys pl give me the contact details of any good cook(who cooks tasty food and is reasonable)
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • Hey can anybody pls share the contact details of tendulkar and roshan. My tiffinwala's quality and taste are pathetic so looking for a change.
  • yup please message me too. .
    Enjoy the hard work.
  • Tendulkars -9891913761
  • Roshan Tiffin , Ashish Ji - 9891427520, 9811512679
  • @BombayPirate Is Ashish Ji a cook ? @breakingbad tendulkars is a hotel or Do they provide a cook??
    When they say you can't do it, it definitely means you have to do it!
  • @dileep1611 None are cooks they are Tiffin service.
  • once you have your kitchen stuff ready, it is easy to find a cook. just tell the nearest general store or vegetable vendor that you want a cook and you will get one. this applies to both rajinder nagar and mukherjee nagar
  • Just wondering, if there is any night canteen/dhaba around ORN? Most of the food joints I know here close by 11.
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    One good place to go is Gangaram hospital canteen after 11. if you are really hungry. open all night . you get tea coffee, sandwich, paneer bonds and aloo bonda, @breakingbad
  • For non veg people who want mutton or chicken after 11, goto shadipur . just in from of Satyam cinema ( a bit before actually ) there is a gali where you get maggi, aloo parantha, and very yummy mutton keema, all sold by sardars. the mutton keema is best quality. even by day standards ( nights only dhabas usually don't have that good quality, but this one is a game.changer )
  • Is there any tiffin service with good non-veg food?
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    Hi guys, any leads on a reliable cook/tiffin service for quality and healthy (south indian would be a bonus!) food in Mukherjee Nagar? Thanks! :)
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  • Hi guys !
    Any idea about Jain food, tiffin or cook ?
    (I need without onion and garlic, not pure jain )
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  • @MisfitMedico - are u living in orn?
  • @MisfitMedico You can hire any cook, and he/ she can take care ur requirements.
    Will that be fine?

    Sorry, I dont have any idea of tiffin service in this regard
  • @ sarthak012,
    No mate, but close to it, in Karol Bagh.

    Any idea about cook or any contact number,
    cook who is also able to cook gujrati food will be my first choice
    but as of now I don't have the luxury of this kind of options.
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  • @sarthak012,
    No mate, but close to it, in Karol Bagh.
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    @MisfitMedico : I m also planning to move there by 1st week of June..what is the total expenditure for 1 month including fooding and all for a single seater room
  • @sarthak012,
    In ORN, it will be costlier for room.
    If you plan to reside in Patel Nagar or Karol Bagh or bit away from Vajiram,
    then cost would be less.

    Avg cost for a decent accommodation for a single room,
    should be 10 K .
    Monthly food bill - 3 k to 4k depending upon how choosy you are !
    you can add miscellaneous costs like electricity bill + water charges + maid = 1 k

    so 15 k minimum, but you may spend on books + Library (a. c. reading room = 1 to 1.5 k )

    IRS-IT [2016]
  • @MisfitMedico : thanks a lot.....
  • So the 10k cost for the room will be shared by 2 for a double seater room right? Or the cost u mentioned is for a single person only?
  • Are there any good south Indian breakfast services who are ready to deliver at home in ORN?
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