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Knotty Neighbours!!

edited August 2013 in Current Affairs
On one side Pakistan's military is violating ceasefire almost everyday & on the other hand its P.M. is talking of peace. Everyday I wake up I pick up my newspaper & find atleast one news of ceasefire violation (if casualty is less, you will find news on the "SHORT TAKES" column on the leftmost side of your "The Hindu" edition whereas if casualties are severe then with a Jawan holding a Gun you will find the news on the front page, discussions on which continue for further 2-3 days & that's all). I just loose my temper reading all that news. Just think about the families of jawans posted in such sensitive areas. And then our P.M. comes in these jawans's aid saying that "We will not resist terrorism & such ceasefire violations" but that is another speech prepared by P.M.O. for him to deliver for the nation as its "duty". Few days back when Pak's P.M. gave his first public speech since his party coming to power in June ,even he didn't talk about any strategy to counter terrorism which was not a good sign for India. Additionally just think about this for a moment- U.S. President cancelled his talks with his Russian counterpart just because latter gave a temporary asylum to a person who just leaked former country's "classified documents" so then what do you think about the talks between our P.M. & his Pak's counterpart to be held next month keeping in mind 5 very precious lost lives? I still remember how terrorism attacks by Pak's militants in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's rule attracted a very firm stand by Vajpayee ji. Adding "aar paar ki ladai" in his statement totally shocked the whole world fearing another Indo-Pak war. Don't you think they will take us for granted if we don't take a firm stand now? How can our P.M. be shaking hands with his Pak's counterpart if latter keeps denying former military's nation disturbing actions.
I want all of you to think very honestly & reply your suggestions which would be appropriate to maintain peace without taking our stand granted.


  • @kanu
    Well the Govt of Pakistan & its Army are two horses tied back to back & they always try to run in another direction.Seldom a harmony is seen between what Pak's Govt says & what its military does.The recent violations are much to be credited to this inherent makeup of our neighbour's democratic setup.
    While its true that such actions like killing of 5 soldiers should be condemned at highest possible level but a killing should not be a basis of policy reversal in such matters.
    No doubt our country should take a strong stand against killing of our soldiers but lets not give the perpetrators of such ghastly acts a reason to smile by obliging to what they really want i.e. to obviate the peace-process.No killing is justified & by no way i am trying to demean the sacrifices of our valiant soldiers but this incident should not hold back two countries from building on the constructive peace process which can only ensure that such incidents dont happen in future.
    The political grandstandings of US are much to be doubted for, when it agrees to hold talks with Taliban ,the war against whom has cost it with lives of thousands of its soldiers.
    The apt reply would be to take a strong stand against killings & not postpone but hold talks to carry forward the peace-process.
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • @LuV
    Lets consider your viewpoint.
    There is another viewpoint. Parliament of Pakistan passing an Anti-India resolution-What was that? I don't think ,military had any role in it. This was what MPs(who are said to be voices of their people) of Pakistan supported. What's your take on this ?
  • An Anti-India resolution was passed by Pak parliament oppossing the LoC aggression shown by India which they think is condemnable.An Army Capt died in Indian firing is what they have alleged against India. Simulatneously their House also called for a "constructive and result-oriented process of engagement" with India.
    India has not passed any such resolution showing a greater political sense & maturity but the reactionary elements are vying for a rhetoric action on this incident also as they have done always.
    All i am saying is that A govt has to do some things to appease the popular sentiment & that is the case on both sides but in the end it will be only peace which will help both sides to grow & prosper not a culture of hate ,enemity& violence.
    In order to solve a dispute the only sustainable roadmap is to sit together & talk about it & not go all guns blazing on each other .
    The pursuit of peace in the end is the only motive worth fighting for & worth dying for.The going ahead of peace talks witha definite conclusion in the end would be a win-win situation for both sides & the most satisfied lot would be the soldiers guarding our borders .

    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
  • Adding to our tension... Now Myanmar troops intrudes in India's Land.

    Is it china's strategic move ?
  • @LuV
    Thanks a lot for all those replies. I think now I have a more clear vision about this "sensitive" topic.
    If anyone else would like to share his/her thoughts on this topic he/she is most welcome.
  • My pleasure !!!
    The fault , dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings .
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