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Indian architecture

Question 1.
Who discover the Bhimbetka rock painting for the first time ?
A. T .K. Mitra
B. G. Ghos
C. V.S.Wakankar
D. Anderson.

Question 2.
1.In the Upper paleolithic period the painting was linear .
2. Hunting scene was predominant in Mesolithic period .
3. Association ,contact and mutual exchange of requirements of the cave dwellers with sattled communities .

Select the correct answer

A. 1 and 2 correct
B. Only 3 is correct
C. All are correct
D. 2 and 3 correct

Question 3.
The colours of the painting in ancient time was various rocks and minerals . They got the green colour from ?

A. Chalcedony
B. Haematite


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