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Does choosing law as an optional subject for IAS is beneficial?

Choosing the right optional subject for IAS is not that arduous thing.

Choosing a right Optional subject for a candidate is a crucial step for the preparation of the UPSC civil services exam. A wrong decision will not only cost you poor rank in the exam but also leaves you in a situation of thinking about yourself about the regret.

According to the new pattern that has been changed in 2013, Now student only need to select just one optional subject instead of two.

As we all know before selecting a subject for the particular stream or the path there are many ups and downs for the candidate!

The candidate who is selecting a subject as an optional, will he/she be able to handle it or grasp it in memory whether he/she will able to take it as a challenge or it will be easy to study.? This all matters, though selecting an optional subject is not that easy for the candidate.

Before choosing an optional subject for the Indian Administrative Services exam a candidate must remember these points as follows: -

Remembering Points-

2-Short Term Preparation
3-It Should Be Highly Scoring
4-It Should Enthuse you
5-Coaching Criteria


“LAW – less popular, higher scoring; Go for it “
-By above data Law seems to be a pre-eminent as an Optional Subject.

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We seek to untangle the state of mind of non-law students with respect in selecting an optional subject as law. The students as a whole are bound to study the Indian political system and current national and international affairs to build up a base for further studies. P.L.A. is highly coveted institute for the preparation of civil services examination. Classes are very interactive and helpful. The teaching style of P.L.A. is very unique and extremely helpful in understanding the concepts. The best part of the academy is, coaching and test papers are now available online on their website. The result ratio of Pahuja Law Academy is best among all the institutions offering same. We strongly recommend those students who are irrespective of their stream to opt law as an optional subject for UPSC examinations. In this academy, we are working with the team which is 30 years experienced as faculty who are ready to guide students in the most productive manner and also within time duration of 4 months in the forthcoming examination of 2017. It will not be a chance but a golden opportunity for a guaranteed success, provided the non-law students are ready to co-operate with our academy to achieve the goals as desired.

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  • Does choose law as an optional subject for IAS is beneficial?

    Choosing an optional subject is one of the most crucial and fate deciding aspect of UPSC preparation. As the syllabus of optional papers is static and questions are often repeated over the years, it is very scoring. Hence if you choose a good subject chances of your selection go up several folds. There are certain things that should be kept in mind while selecting your Law optional subject. Your educational background matters the most in deciding your optional Law subject. Try to select those subjects that you have studied in your graduation days. As there are no breaks during UPSC mains exam. So select a subject that can be revised within a day. Some subjects are scoring in nature while others are not. Look at recent trends before you pick up a particular subject.Go to the website of UPSC, read the whole syllabus for the subject which you want to select. If you find it interesting go for it. Coming to the law as an optional subject, decide this depending upon above-mentioned facts. Law is a very scoring subject but also dynamic. You have to stay updated. remember lots of recent case laws etc.

    Law Optional Previous Year Question Papers Visit: dias Law Academy

    Important and Useful Articles for Law Optional. Click here to Read more: Useful Articles D
  • Hello everyone. Got the opportunity to return after so many years on the website. I have appeared in cse interview in 2014, 15 and 16 with good scores in law though interview killed my chances everytime. Currently I am engaged with a private firm independent of the vicious cycle of the exams. So, I am willing to give back to the aspirants my share of knowledge and experiences. Anyone interested can pm me.
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  • I think its best that you choose that subject as your optional in which you are very good and possess a lot of interest.If you think that you have keen interest in law and score really good marks, just after studying for stipulated timings then go ahead take this subject.
    Good Luck!
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