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[Current Affairs Crowdsource - Mains '16] - Sci n Tech, IPR, Environment and Disaster Management

Inspired from the Prelims question bank thread that helped immensely to cover many unknown topics. Lets crowdsource current affairs topics for mains 2016, It will help
us cover the syllabus to a large extent and will prove beneficial in last minute revision.
Topics for this thread,
1. Indian contribution in sci and tech.
2. IT, Computers, Robotics.
3. Space
4. Biotechnology
5. Nano Technology
6. IPR issues.
7. Environment
8. Disaster Management


  • 1. Antibiotic resistance
    2. Antarctica Ice loss, Nepal glacier shrink.
    3. Climate change and effect of food crops nutritional value.
    4. Ban on mining in western ghats and kasturirangan report.
    5. use of kerosene for cooking and its impact on health
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • us-india ipr issues.
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • hybrid cars
    bluetooth technology
    project persephone
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • edited October 2016
    e waste policy and e waste problems in india
    ganga clean up issue.
    el nino effect on coral reefs
    whale shark killing in godavari
    insecticide risk on world food supplies
    PSLV C23
    gravitational waves and cosmic inflation
    gamma ray telescope
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • forest survey report
    GM crops
    plastic waste causing damage to marine ecosystems
    plastic ban
    paris treaty
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • e-cigarette issue
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • national email system
    ipr policy and trips
    pusa hydrogel
    bacteria and nuclear waste
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • IPCC report
    air pollution and crop yield
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • UAVs panchi rustom and nishant
    thirty metre telescope
    GSAT 16
    GSLV Mark III
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • Bombay blood group
    super mosquito
    Indian neutrino observatory
    Good Bye. See you Later.
  • CAMPA bill
    Good Bye. See you Later.
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